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MortellaroVet ProBiotic MortellaroVet ProBiotic
Care product for cows Additive for claw baths based on fermented herbs MortellaroVet Probiotic is designed for the care and hygienic-related decrease of rotteness promoted claw problems like especially mortellaro. Mortellaro and other...
Content 10 Liter (€16.54 * / 1 Liter)
From €165.41 *
CowVital 25 Liter CowVital 25 Liter
Liquid complementary feed for bovine Strengthening of the performance by supporting the detoxification organs CowVital is a liquid complementary feed consisting of herbs as well as fruit and vegetable extracts. These support...
Content 25 Liter (€8.54 * / 1 Liter)
From €213.47 *
Claw Gel 500g Note ADR Dangerous goods UN 3082 Claw Gel 500g Note ADR Dangerous goods UN 3082
Care product Natural claw care products for the intensive care of soft and stressed skin, even in the fetlock and between claw area - no waiting time! Claw-Gel is a purely natural claw care product for the intensive care of sensitive...
Content 0.5 Kilogramm (€61.64 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €30.82 *
BronchialVital liquid BronchialVital liquid
Complementary feed for pigs and bovine Promotes nutritionally the self-cleaning mechanism of the bronchia BronchialVital contains a variety of herbs that nutritionally support the self-cleaning mechanism of the bronchia and can soothe...
Content 1 Liter
From €57.73 *
AirClean classic Indication: ADR dangerous goods UN 2920 AirClean classic Indication: ADR dangerous...
Special product. Natural air freshener based on herbs, organic acids and selected essential oils. Ammonia binding and reduction of bacterial pressure of the stable air, for nebulization Advantages of AirClean classic: - binding of...
Content 10 Kilogramm (€21.30 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €213.01 *
HuminoVet Granulate LW HuminoVet Granulate LW
Composting accelerator Composting (aerobic) and decomposition (anaerobic) are contrary degradation processes of organic matter. HuminoVet Granulate promotes the aerobic composting including the following advantages: healthy stable air...
Content 25 Kilogramm (€4.26 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €106.51 *
HuminoVet Powder LW HuminoVet Powder LW
Odor / ammonia binder and composting accelerator, germ displacement Conventional manure tends to anaerobic decomposition through rottenness. By using HuminoVet Powder the rottenness with influence is promoted. Advantages of using...
Content 25 Kilogramm (€4.26 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €106.51 *
LactoMint LactoMint
Udder care product Udder care and protection, with essential oils NO WAITING PERIOD ! LactoMint is absorbed into the skin immediately without leaving any greasy residues and is an effective alternative in the field of udder care. It...
Content 500 Gramm (€4.88 * / 100 Gramm)
From €24.40 *
cdDipp  forte 1 Liter Hinweis ADR Gefahrgut UN 1993 cdDipp forte 1 Liter Hinweis ADR Gefahrgut UN...
Care product for animals Natural teat care and protection NO WAITING TIMES cdDipp forte is a natural care product for particularly intensive and effective support of the udder and teat condition. What is important: - Protection of the...
Content 1 Liter
From €141.61 *
Rumen Starter Rumen Starter
PREMIXTURE of flavouring and appetizing additives for ruminants For nutritional support of rumen activity Rumen activity is the basis for optimal feed intake and utilization for ruminants. Especially in high performance cows, feed intake...
Content 10 Liter (€7.38 * / 1 Liter)
From €73.83 *
TurboBronchial TurboBronchial
PREMIXTURE for cattle, pigs and horses Stimulation of feed intake in respiratory sensitive stocks In the area of ​​respiratory tract infections, most of the farms have the largest reserves. An optimal respiratory tract condition and thus...
Content 1 Liter
From €103.53 *
TurboBronchial Powder TurboBronchial Powder
PREMIXTURE for calves and pigs For nutritional support of the respiratory condition and stimulation of feed intake. At most farms the respiratory system holds the biggest performance reserves. An optimal condition of the respiratory...
Content 1.5 Kilogramm (€30.99 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €46.49 *
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