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TurboBronchial Liquid TurboBronchial Liquid
Complementary feed for pigs, cattle, poultry and horses Stimulation of feed intake in respiratory-sensitive stands - ideal for self-mixers, feed mixers and organic farms In the area of ​​respiratory tract infections, most of the farms...
Content 1 Liter
From €52.97 *
TurboBronchial Plus TurboBronchial Plus
Liquid complementary feed for pigs and poultry Stimulation of feed intake in respiratory sensitive stocks In the respiratory tract area, most companies have the greatest power reserves. Optimum respiratory tract conditions and thus...
Content 1 Liter
From €46.41 *
TurboBronchial GS-03 TurboBronchial GS-03
Liquid complementary feed for poultry and pigs Stimulation of feed intake in resiratory-sensitive animal populations For need-based supplementary feeding in case of nutritional digestive problems In the area of the respiratory tract,...
Content 1 Liter
From €47.01 *
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