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AirClean classic Indication: ADR dangerous goods UN 2920 AirClean classic Indication: ADR dangerous...
Special product. Natural air freshener based on herbs, organic acids and selected essential oils. Ammonia binding and reduction of bacterial pressure of the stable air, for nebulization Advantages of AirClean classic: - binding of...
Content 10 Kilogramm (€21.30 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €213.01 *
HuminoVet Granulate LW HuminoVet Granulate LW
Composting accelerator Composting (aerobic) and decomposition (anaerobic) are contrary degradation processes of organic matter. HuminoVet Granulate promotes the aerobic composting including the following advantages: healthy stable air...
Content 25 Kilogramm (€4.26 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €106.51 *
HuminoVet Powder LW HuminoVet Powder LW
Odor / ammonia binder and composting accelerator, germ displacement Conventional manure tends to anaerobic decomposition through rottenness. By using HuminoVet Powder the rottenness with influence is promoted. Advantages of using...
Content 25 Kilogramm (€4.26 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €106.51 *
TurboBronchial Drinking Water Note: ADR dangerous goods UN 1993 TurboBronchial Drinking Water Note: ADR...
PREMIXTURE for pigs and poultry For nutritional support of the respiratory condition and stimulation of feed intake At most farms the respiratory system holds the biggest performance reserves. An optimal condition of the respiratory...
Content 1 Liter
From €112.81 *
EnteroVet Poultry EnteroVet Poultry
PREMIXTURE Supports digestion - even with feed conversion EnteroVet Poultry supports the condition of the intestinal flora in a diet-related way. A well-conditioned and immunostimulated intestinal environment complicates parasites, e.g....
Content 1 Liter
From €106.47 *
OreganoVet Drinking water OreganoVet Drinking water
PREMIXTURE for pigs and poultry Stimulation of feed intake in stocks which are sensitive to digestion To increase the weight gain and feed conversion. Natural digestibility enhancers stimulate gall and enzyme secretion, digestion is...
Content 1 Liter
From €141.61 *
MicroMineral Agriculture 25 kg MicroMineral Agriculture 25 kg
Mineral feed for swine and cattle Optimized supply of all trace and micronutrients Relief of detoxification organs through high availability of calcium and magnesium. Composition: maerl, brewer's yeast, malt rootlets, seaweed meal, grape...
Content 25 Kilogramm (€8.11 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €202.77 *
MicroAgrar Poultry 25 kg MicroAgrar Poultry 25 kg
Mineral feed for poultry Micronutrient supply, better feed utilization through metabolic optimization promotes shell strength, egg production, bone structure MicroAgrar Poultry support the weight gain through an optimised feed intake and...
Content 25 Kilogramm (€4.67 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €116.63 *
MicroAgrar Universal 25 kg MicroAgrar Universal 25 kg
Mineral feed for pigs, bovine and poultry An optimal supply of micronutrients leads to better feed utilization through metabolic optimization Is the law of minimum insufficient realized there could develop deficit situations which can...
Content 25 Kilogramm (€5.11 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €127.87 *
privet Bronchial P 400g privet Bronchial P 400g
PREMIXTURE for ruminants, donkeys and pigs. To stimulate feed intake and nutritional support for respiratory sensitive animals Not so long ago our meadows were still rich in different grasses and herbs. Unfortunately, this is often no...
Content 0.4 Kilogramm (€62.38 * / 1 Kilogramm)
€24.95 *
TurboBronchial Liquid TurboBronchial Liquid
Complementary feed for pigs, cattle, poultry and horses Stimulation of feed intake in respiratory-sensitive stands - ideal for self-mixers, feed mixers and organic farms In the area of ​​respiratory tract infections, most of the farms...
Content 1 Liter
From €52.97 *
TurboBronchial Plus TurboBronchial Plus
Liquid complementary feed for pigs and poultry Stimulation of feed intake in respiratory sensitive stocks In the respiratory tract area, most companies have the greatest power reserves. Optimum respiratory tract conditions and thus...
Content 1 Liter
From €46.41 *
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