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Micro Immune Fish Micro Immune Fish
Natural mineral feed for fish For a reliable and balanced supply of natural vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. With a particularly high content of beta-glucans, which are nutritionally useful for a good immune system. Diet-related...
Content 25 Gramm (€39.80 * / 100 Gramm)
From €9.95 *
FishVital FishVital
Natural water additive To support a healthy and intestinal friendly environment in aquariums and ponds FishVital is particularly useful in problem fish stock, as well as for increased infection pressure (for example restocking of fish)....
Content 100 ml
From €12.95 *
VulcanoVet Aqua VulcanoVet Aqua
Natural water additive Binding of organic and inorganic pollutants in aquarium Pure natural and filter-promoting Clay mineral earth is an excellent medium to increase the water quality in fresh water as well as seawater aquarium....
Content 0.25 Liter (€39.80 * / 1 Liter)
From €9.95 *
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