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casaCare cdDes clean

casaCare cdDes clean
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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Biozides Desinfektionsmittel auf Basis von Aktivchlor
  • Natürlicher Wirkstoff gegen Bakterien, Viren und Pilze
  • Auch für den täglichen Einsatz geeignet und einfach in der Anwendung
  • Dermatologisch getestet und schonend zu Oberflächen und Materialien
  • Deutsches Qualitätsprodukt direkt vom Hersteller


  • 1820
  • 16659020
Detergent   Chemical-free hygiene agent   For the high health and... more
Product information "casaCare cdDes clean"
Chemical-free hygiene agent
For the high health and hygiene standards of our society detergents are indispensable. casaCare cdDes clean is a fast-acting detergent and hygiene agent without petrochemical ingredients. The mild composition enables thus gentle cleaning of everyday items. In a special electrolyte process, salt, water, and electricity are used to produce a highly effective detergent and hygienic agent, which after its cleaning action breaks down into its source materials, water and salt. casaCare cdDes clean contains no surfactants, no colorants and fragrances, no preservatives, and is fat- and oil-free.
Range of uses:
  • surfaces of all kinds: tables, chairs, light switches, doorknobs and similar contact surfaces
  • cleaning of surfaces, utensils, devices, work tables and many further possibilities
  • ready application solution, usable on all wipeable surfaces
  • no by-product formation and residues, but disintegration into its natural source materials (water and salt) after the cleaning process
  • no addition of chemicals
  • no odor development
  • short contact times
  • easy handling
Composition: sodium-containing, electrolytical-energetically treated water
Application recommendation: Spray on affected areas
Store cool and dark!
Keep safe for children. Do not spray in the eyes.
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