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cdDipp forte 1 Liter Hinweis ADR Gefahrgut UN 1993

cdDipp forte 1 Liter Hinweis ADR Gefahrgut UN 1993
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Overview of product benefits

  • Natürliches Pflegemittel zur Unterstützung der Euter- und Zitzenkondition
  • Durch optimale Pflege der Zitzen kann das Eindringen von Keimen in den Strichkanal bzw. ins Euter verhindert werden
  • FIBL gelisted - in BIO-Betrieben einsetzbar
  • Auch für Bestände mit Weidegang, da frei von synthetischen Zusätzen und Farbstoffen - keine Wartezeiten!
  • Sehr gut geeignet für Melkroboter, Sprühanlagen und Melkkarussell
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  • Pflegemittel für Tiere
Care product for animals   Natural teat care and protection   NO WAITING... more
Product information "cdDipp forte 1 Liter Hinweis ADR Gefahrgut UN 1993"
Care product for animals
Natural teat care and protection
cdDipp forte is a natural care product for particularly intensive and effective support of the udder and teat condition.
What is important:
- Protection of the teat canal
- Prevention of the entry of germs into the teat canal or into the udder through optimal care of the teat
- sustainable skin care
- supple teats
- care-related protection and massive reduction of insects in the teat area
- low adhesion of dirt in the udder / teat area
Very suitable for spraying system, milking robot and milking carousel.
cdDipp forte is completely free from synthetic additives and dyes. cdDipp forte may waive dyes because the sphincter muscles not as aggressive iodine, acids, dyes or plasticizers be affected. At the same time the condition of the sphincter is strengthened by the special all-natural conception of oils. This makes it less "dangerous" when even a cow will forget the dipping. Through the strengthened teat condition the resistance of the sphincter is promoted and even reduced one of the main reasons for the dip itself: The weakened sphincter condition. In intact sphincter muscles natural physical hygiene barrier works in the teat - also thanks to cdDipp forte. Many dyes and additives have a phototoxic effect or irritate the udder in sunlight. These are not included in cdDipp forte. Therefore cdDipp forte is for stocks that will come with grazing, ideally suited. In cdDipp forte overdose also is not problematic, since no chemical additives are included that could result in multiple dipping a burden of the teats.
Composition: Mono- and Diacetyl tartaric acid of mono- and diglycerides of edible fatty acids, eucalyptus oil, sunflower oil, calendula oil, St. John's wort oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, frankincense oil
Instructions for use: Depending on the need, dilute 1:15 - 1:30 with water and apply to the dip cup or dip sprayer immediately after milking on the teat.
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