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dentaVet Gel

dentaVet Gel

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dentaVet Gel
dentaVet Gel
dentaVet Gel
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Overview of product benefits

  • Natürliches Zahngel für Hunde und Katzen zur effektiven Reinigung und zum Schutz vor Zahnbelag & Zahnstein
  • Enthält hochwertige ätherische Öle aus Weihrauch, Salbei, Sternanis, Fenchel, Thymian und Nelke
  • Eignet sich durch die gelige Konsistenz insbesondere zum Auftragen auf Zahnbürsten, Mulltüchern u.ä.
  • Die regelmäßige Anwendung fördert die Zahngesundheit und ist eine echte Alternative zu Zahnpasta und Zahncreme
  • Unterstützende Mundhygiene ohne chemische und künstliche Aromen, ohne Konservierungsstoffe, Emulgatoren & Parabenen


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  • Pflegemittel für Tiere
  • 16.95 €
Care product for dogs and cats   Toothpaste and dental care in one product... more
Product information "dentaVet Gel"
Care product for dogs and cats
Toothpaste and dental care in one product
dentaVet Gel, the gentle dental care for your pet. Regular dental care should also be a matter of course for dogs and cats. Just like with humans, dental plaque and tartar can form with them. In addition, a lack of dental and mouth care often results in inflammations of the gum and mouth rot.
dentaVet Gel contains natural care substances that promote optimal oral hygiene. Zeolite, like many mineral earths, can act as a purely natural filter. Its binding property harmonizes the mouth flora by absorbing bacteria and acids. The natural, fine abrasive particles of the eggshell powder gently remove dental plaque without attacking or damaging the sensitive tooth enamel. This combination, in conjunction with the valuable essential oils of frankincense and fennel, gently removes dental plaque and penetrates till deep into the oral cavity, unpleasant respiratory odour is reduced and the natural oral flora is supported.
However, not every animal will voluntarily keep still when you approach its muzzle with a toothbrush. Here, dentaVet Gel offers an excellent alternative. Due to the simple application (apply briefly, the animal brushes its teeth alone on its own), daily dental care becomes a stress-free affair. With regular use, the teeth are gently cleaned and protected from dental plaque.
Expert tip: To apply, a gauze bandage is best suited or a microfiber cloth.
Composition: organic hempseed oil, zeolite, eggshell powder, grapefruit seed extract, frankincense oil, sage oil, star anise oil, fennel oil, thyme oil, clove oil
Application recommendation: apply 2 x a week evenly on teeth and gums
Store it cool and dark!
Contains frankincense oil, fennel oil sweet, star anise oil and eugenol. May produce an allergic reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid release to the environment. Dispose of contents/container to an authorized waste disposal facility.
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