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Diatomite Liquid Powder

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Spezialprodukt mit 100% natürlich fein vermahlenen Kieselalgen
  • Zeichnet sich durch seine starke Feuchtigkeitsbindung aus und ist auch dazu geeignet Floh- und Milbenkot zu binden
  • Umgebungsbehandlung mit Hoher und langanhaltender Wirksamkeit
  • 100% Naturprodukt mit guter Wassermischbarkeit für eine staubfreie Ausbringung
  • Qualitätsprodukt nach bewährten cdVet Standards


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Special product   Dry excipient - pure diatomite   100% natural... more
Product information "Diatomite Liquid Powder"
Special product
Dry excipient - pure diatomite
100% natural diatoms finely grounded, sprayable - strongly drying litter for use in stables or household.
Diatomite Liquid Powder is characterized by its good water miscibility and thus allows a dust-free application. Due to its specific rapid drying, its effectiveness is fully preserved.
Diatomite Liquid Powder has the following properties
- Strong moisture binding
- Binds flea and mite faeces
- Optimized stable hygiene, better stable climate, less flies
- High and long lasting effectiveness
- Pure biophysical effect
Diatomite Liquid Powder cannot be overdosed. The amount of application on the demand surfaces depends on the material properties. On the treated surfaces, a bright surface should be visible.
Diatomaceous earth consists of the grounded skeletons of fossil diatoms. These skeletons are made of silicon oxide. The use of diatomite as a natural raw material is becoming increasingly important. Its absorptive ability is useful wherever liquids or moisture need to be bound.
The product is also suitable for use in animal feed according to EU regulation approved for all animal species.
Thus, the highest safety of the product exists, especially in connection with the application in the immediate vicinity of pet food.
Microelement earth naturally derived
Application recommendation:
Wet application: Mix the powder with water (1/3 powder + 2/3 water) by volume and stir well.
Then apply with a brush on the affected areas while stirring the mixture well.
The mixture can also be aerosolized in a spray bottle or garden spray (coarse nozzle, e.g., 0.5mm!), e.g. so stables or plants can be sprayed directly.
The treated area should be completely covered with a diatomaceous earth film. Depending on requirements 10 - 20g Diatomite Liquid Powder/m² should be applied.
1 liter of mixture is enough for about 4 - 5m².
Powder residues can be brushed off after use or removed with the vacuum cleaner.
Close packing tightly after use! For dry storage unlimited stability! Attention, light materials may be discolored! Please test before use on a concealed spot!
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