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casaCare Ice-Free Intensive concentrate 10kg

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Thawing concentrate to -45 ° C   The alternative to road salt, economical and... more
Product information "casaCare Ice-Free Intensive concentrate 10kg"

Thawing concentrate to -45 ° C


The alternative to road salt, economical and environmentally friendly.


The efficacy of conventional road salt fails usually at -7 ° C. casaCare Ice-Free removes snow and ice quickly and safely up to a temperature of -45 ° C. In normal icing without a new snowfall the thawing effect lasts up to 3 days. This makes casaCare Ice-Free particularly productive in the application. Due to its good adhesion, the removal of ice and snow even on a ramp inclined up to 45 ° not a problem through its slightly alkaline is the rusting of metals and the acid rain appear in the ground. A negative effect on concrete could not be found (at least 2 inches deep in concrete) with a properly installed steel reinforcement. Due to the complete solubility in water it does not cause constipation in manhole covers, sewer or sewage treatment plants. casaCare Ice-Free contains no urea and is acceptable for plant growth than conventional scattering as per certificate of the University of Bielefeld medium.




The advantages of casaCare Ice-Free at a glance:


- Extremely cold-effective


- Specially rounded, large grains prevent injury to paws


- Gentle on floors made ​​of marble and plastic


- Road salt with excellent thawing effect


- Holds up to 3 days before, without a new snowfall


- Does not harm the plant growth


- Environmentally friendly and biologically active formula




In addition, casaCare Ice-Free also for drying damp rooms and caravans are used as the air, the moisture is removed.


Expert Tip: casaCare Ice-Free Intensive concentrate is not as aggressive as road salt or sand and advantageous especially at the dog paws. Effect at EXTREME temperatures down to -45 °, extreme adhesion even in a hillside location.

Areas of application: casaCare Ice-Free is ideal for removing ice and snow from sidewalks and entrances to public and municipal facilities such as hospitals, retirement homes, bathrooms and offices. Further areas of application are restaurants, hotels as well as entrance areas and loading ramps of all industrial areas.





granules from Fertilizers and thaw components






Instructions for use:


Scatter evenly with the hand on the defrosted surfaces.


Depending on the snow and ice come up 20 - 100g per square meter.


Close tightly after use.