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EnteroVet Poultry

EnteroVet Poultry
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Overview of product benefits

  • Fördert ernährungsbedingt die allgemeine Kondition der Darmflora
  • Kann ernährungsbedingt zur Stärkung des Immunsystems beitragen
  • Eine immungestärkte Darmflora erschwert Endoparasiten und pathogenen Darmkeimen das Ansiedeln
  • Durch die verdauungfördernden Eigenschaften von EnteroVet Geflügel kann die Futterverwertung positiv beeinflusst werden
  • Leistungsstabilisator für Geflügel - besonders während Futterumstellungen


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PREMIXTURE   Supports digestion - even with feed conversion  ... more
Product information "EnteroVet Poultry"
Supports digestion - even with feed conversion
EnteroVet Poultry supports the condition of the intestinal flora in a diet-related way. A well-conditioned and immunostimulated intestinal environment complicates parasites, e.g. single-celled or worms settling.
Oregano oil contains digestive essential oils as well as all essential fatty acids. In particular, they stimulate bile juice and enzyme secretion in the intestinal tract, thus optimizing digestion. There are fewer harmful metabolic metabolites, the feed is better utilized and the immune system is strengthened.
Particularly proven product in the turkey mast.
Tip of an expert: The old folk wisdom "The health is in the intestine" is not only true for us humans, but also for animals. Poultry is no exception. Thus, pathogens that cause disturbances such as E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridia and Histomonads represent enormous problems for the poultry industry. An intact intestinal flora makes it much more difficult for pathogenic microorganisms to settle in the intestine. This in turn also lowers the germinal pressure in the barn, as a result less pathogenic germs are eliminated. Therefore, a healthy colon is of particular importance for the health of the animals. Particularly serious is this problem in juveniles whose immune system is not fully developed and are exposed by the repopulation special burdens by new microorganisms for them. Therefore, with them the reduction of the bacterial pressure and thus also the development of a healthy intestinal milieu has the highest priority. However, the antibiotics commonly used can severely damage or prevent the build-up of such a healthy intestinal flora, which in addition to waiting times and costs, can lead to further health problems. Especially in the case of poultry, intestinal health determines the economic viability of stocks and is a prerequisite for economic success.
Composition: flavorings whose addition to feeds improves their smell or palatability: mixture of flavouring compounds 520 g per kg. Carrier: mono- and diacethyl-tartaric acid-ester of mono- and diglycerides of edible fatty acids, drinking water, humidity 50%
Instructions for use: 40-70 ml per 1000 liters of soaking water, the feeding is recommended for a minimum period of 5 days
Shake well before use!
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