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EquiGreen AcceptanceMix

EquiGreen AcceptanceMix
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Overview of product benefits

  • Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Pferde zur Unterstützung bei der Aufnahme und Verwertung von Futterergänzungsmitteln
  • Schmackhafte Mischung aus hochwertigen rein natürlichen Zutaten
  • Kann die Akzeptanz bei Pferden für zuzufütternde Futtermittel fördern
  • 100% rein biologischer deutscher Anbau aus zertifizierter Quelle
  • Qualitätsprodukt nach bewährter cdVet- Rezeptur von Tierheilpraktikern, Tierärzten und Tierbesitzern entwickelt


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Complementary feed for horses   Tasty mixture of high-quality, purely natural... more
Product information "EquiGreen AcceptanceMix"
Complementary feed for horses
Tasty mixture of high-quality, purely natural ingredients for better feed intake of complementary feed
Metabolism and digestive system of horses, ponies, and donkeys are designed for the continuous intake of feed that is rich in raw fibres, low in energy and protein. Only through breeding of larger, heavy animals for work in the field, in front of the carriage, and under the rider, the feeding of grain as concentrate became necessary. However, the digestive system is actually not designed for such concentrate. The metabolism may also have problems processing these nutrients. This is especially the case with frugal, robust breeds of horses, as well as ponies and donkeys, in whose area of origin not much grain is available for feeding horses.
Therefore, it is often problematic to feed these animals with complementary feed, as the usual concentrate and muesli feed contains cereals and is usually not good for them. But how then how to balance their often increased need for micronutrients? Sea minerals are essential for ponies that originally came from islands. Many North American horse breeds are attuned to the presence of mineral complexes in the soil, which are lacking in our country. Also otherwise, intensive agriculture has resulted in a much less species-rich and less diverse feed basis than in the past. This can also lead to deficits in the micronutrient area.
But how can we now feed these important, sometimes less tasty nutrients without burdening the organism with potentially harmful concentrate or muesli food? The answer is EquiGreen AcceptanceMix, a tasty mix of high-quality, purely natural ingredients that is ideal for feeding complementary feed without burdening the metabolism and digestive tract. It is because it contains neither concentrated carbohydrates nor synthetic additives, and can help maintain the health of horses, ponies and donkeys, particularly those that are sensitive to metabolism. Especially for animals suffering from diseases of civilisation (founder, summer eczema, malanders, fecal water) and metabolic disorders (EMS Cushing, PSSM, Pyroluria etc.), which are becoming more and more frequent, the addition of concentrated natural micronutrients is very important, and therefore a feed that supports their intake.
Composition: green oat*, grass, herbs, legume plants*, rose hip husks, linseed expeller*
* from controlled organic cultivation. Eco Control Center DE-ÖKO-001 Germany-Agriculture
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 9.2%, crude fat 2.6%, crude fiber 21.5%, crude ash 10.6%, sodium 0.02%, ash insoluble in HCl 3.5%
Feeding recommendation: 1 x daily or as required, moisten 100-200 g with lukewarm water, and then mix in the feed supplementation
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