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EquiGreen BroodmareMix

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • 100% natürliche Nahrungsergänzung für Pferde mit ernährungsbedingten Fruchtbarkeitsproblemen
  • Enthält ausgesuchte Nährstoffe, die sich positiv auf die Versorgung der Gebärmutterkondition auswirken können
  • Zur Versorgung des Tieres mit wichtigen Vitaminen, Spurenelementen, Aminosäuren und ausgesuchten Kräutern
  • 100% Naturprodukt - Ohne Füllstoffe, Geschmacksverstärker und synthetische Zusatzstoffe
  • Bewährtes Produkt nach deutschem Qualitätsstandard - speziell für den ernährungsbedingten Bedarf von Pferden entwickelt


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Complementary feed for horses   For additional feeding when fertility problems... more
Product information "EquiGreen BroodmareMix"
Complementary feed for horses
For additional feeding when fertility problems occur and for nutritional support for conditioning of the uterus
EquiGreen BroodmareMix has been evolved to support diet-relatedly the mare's fertility. This special mixture can help the blood flow in the uterus, strengthen its musculature and thus facilitate the process of birth as well as the mare's regeneration.  EquiGreen BroodmareMix compensates for diet-related imbalances that occur during the last weeks of pregnancy and during the first phase of lactation. It activates the metabolism. The included herbs are missing at nearly all pastures.
Feeding of the mare before conception:
The feeding of a barren mare should be adjusted on actually requirement on energy and micronutrients. If the mare was active in sport or if she has a foal at food resp. already several pregnancies , the feeding gives a greater significance. Through stress, breeding or sport risen lacke of nutrients should be balanced already before insemination to increase the probability of a good receive and a healthy foal development.
Herbs and fertility:
To support the fertility there are a number of herbs which can stimulate the female hormone balance. Phytohormone, herbal hormon-like substances can render a good service. Through ladys mantle the hormon level can be regulated and as well as the ovulation also the production of so called corpus luteum can be influenced positively to nidation. The high content of silicic acids of stinging nettle and Co. can strengthen diet-related the uterus tissue in its condition and can contribute supportive for birth and foaling. The chamomile can diet-related contribute to a physilogical remove of placenta (afterbirth).
Furthermore the minerals, trace elements and vitamins which are containing in the herbs can compensate the poverty of herbs on the current meadows.
Vitamins  fertility
The contained beta-carotene among other things in carrots, or vitamin A has long been known for its fertility-increasing importance. In the summer months the cover is at best over fresh grass, later over the hay feeding. However, high levels of beta-carotene are only found in fresh hay - during winter storage, the content decreases sharply. A deficiency can cause reduction of the size of the gonads and thus the loss of fertility. Further signs are too weak or too late heat with often missing follicle formation. During embryonic development, a deficiency can lead to malformation up to the death of the fruit. An additional supply with beta-carotene before conception and during pregnancy is therefore recommended.
In case of bad/weak fertility cdVet recommends the feeding of  EquiGreen BroodmareMix 3 to 4 weeks before insemination. Keep feeding  EquiGreen BroodmareMix till the mare is pregnant for at least 3 weeks. An optimal supply with fertility-supporting vitamins and minerals can decrease the possibility of an early embryonic loss of the embryo.
Composition: carrot, ladys mantle, yarrow, nettle, chamomile, birch leaves
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 11.7%, crude oils and fats 3.5%, crude fibre 11.6%, crude ash 7.3%, calcium 0.85%, phosphorus 0.34%, sodium 0.26%
Feeding recommendation: to promote fertility: 3-4 weeks prior to and a further 3 weeks with an existing pregnancy, give daily 2-4 scoops over the feed. For pregnant mares: 3 weeks prior to the calculated due date and 3 weeks after giving birth, give daily 3-4 scoops over the feed.
1 scoop corresponds to around 4.5 g.
Close box firmly after use. Store in cool and dark place!
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