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EquiGreen EczemaX

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Complementary feed for horses   Feeding related immediate support for liver and... more
Product information "EquiGreen EczemaX"
Complementary feed for horses
Feeding related immediate support for liver and kidney - with milk thistle and wild pansy, liquid
For the nutritional support of horses and ponies which tend to fur and skin problems
EquiGreen EczemaX is aimed at diet-related necessities for horses and ponies with problematic skin. It contains a sophisticated composition of herbs that can be quickly and directly used by the body, and supports an intensive stimulation of the detoxification organs, the supply of metabolic processes and the capillary blood flow in order that the bodys detoxification processes can be carried out deep into the skin. Other herbs are especially helpful for the care of stressed skin.
Especially recommended is the full year supply of EquiGreen HuminoMineral. During the grazing season in addition EquiGreen ToxiVet sorb should be fed.
Composition: nettle extract, birch extract, wild pansy extract, marigold extract, arnica extract
Additives per 1000 ml: Preservatives: 47.5 g lactic acid E 270. Sensory additives: ginkgo tincture 71 g, milk thistle tincture 23.5 g, goldenrod tincture 23.5 g
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 0.3%, crude fiber 0.5%, crude ash 0.4%, crude fat 0.2%, moisture 93%, sodium 0.02%
Feeding recommendation: If required: 2 times a day 5-10 ml mixing under the feed or enter directly into the mouth, at year around requirements at least 2 times a day 2-5 ml
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