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EquiGreen HuminoVet Granulate

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Natürlicher Beschleuniger für den Verrottungsprozess - Geeignet für die Ausbringung im Stall
  • Erschwert pathogenen Keimen und Bakterien das Ansiedeln und sorgt für verbesserte Hygienebedingungen
  • EquiGreen HuminoVet Granulat bindet Ammoniak, was zur Verbesserung der Stallluft beiträgt
  • 100% natürliche Inhaltsstoffe - kann auch im Pferdetransporter eingesetzt werden
  • Bewährtes Produkt nach deutschem Qualitätsstandard - direkt vom Hersteller


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    The rot accelerator   The maximum ammonia concentration in the... more
Product information "EquiGreen HuminoVet Granulate"
The rot accelerator
The maximum ammonia concentration in the stable air is up to 30 cm above the litter. The load is very high, especially for mattress litter. If the horse sleeps or lies while lying, his sensitive respiratory tracts are exposed to the harmful gases. By applying EquiGreen HuminoVet Granulate the ammonia formation is inhibited and the presence of ammonia (e.g., urine) is bound. As a result, this damaging load is considerably reduced.
Rot (aerobics) and putrefaction (anaerobic) are opposing decomposition processes of organic mass, such as manure. EquiGreen HuminoVet Granulate promotes aerobic rotting, which brings the following advantages:
- healthy stable air
- Reduction of germ pressure
- rotting of manure
- healthy, powerful animals
Horse manure: Optimal stable management ensures good composting. In case of good manure management, the litter should be regularly loosened and treated with EquiGreen HuminoVet (50 g/m²). After manuring, a shaded, sheltered place is to be chosen in order to avoid a drying out of the manure heap.
When mixed with other material, e.g. foliage or lawn cut, the ventilation can be optimized and the rotting process can run optimally. A compost heap where these simple rules are respected will not stink and will not become a breeding ground for vermin. With increasing activity of the microorganisms in the compost the temperature rises and kills parasites like worms under heat.
Due to this thermal sanitization, the resulting compost is parasite-free and has a brown, crumbly structure - so-called nutrient humus has emerged. During prolonged storage, the nutrient humus changes into a permanent humus, which shows a diminutive degree of fertilization, but a strong soil-improving, building effect.
Composition: Special aluminum oxide, humus, diatomaceous earth, rock meal, lactic acid bacteria
Directions for use: Sprinkle on the stable floor once a week and spread out evenly corresponding to the raising of manure, e.g. solid manure: 50 g per m²
Store dry and protect from the cold!
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