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EquiGreen MicroMineral

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Pferde und Ponys zur täglichen Versorgung mit Mineralstoffen, Vitaminen und Spurenelementen
  • Unterstützt die physiologischen Organfunktionen und Stoffwechselvorgänge
  • Hochwertiger Vitalstoffgeber mit hoher Bioverfügbarkeit und wertvoller Hefe zur Magen-Darm Regulation
  • 100% Naturprodukt - Ohne Füllstoffe, Geschmacksverstärker und synthetische Zusatzstoffe
  • Qualitätsprodukt nach bewährter cdVet- Rezeptur von Tierheilpraktikern, Tierärzten und Tierbesitzern entwickelt


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Mineral feed for horses   For the appropriate feeding of horses Optimal daily... more
Product information "EquiGreen MicroMineral"
Mineral feed for horses
For the appropriate feeding of horses
Optimal daily nutritional supplementation - minerals, trace elements, vitamins, powder
EquiGreen MicroMineral contains 100% purely natural ingredients like algae, maerl, grape-pips meal and brewer's yeast, which are rich in natural and easily available micronutrients like minerals, trace elements, vitamins etc. and due to their vegetable origin the detoxification organs are not being overstrained anymore, whereby an optimal and natural micro nutrition is made possible with calcium, magnesium and a complete complex of essential trace elements and alginates.
Special attention to optimal micro nutrition:
-      In growth
-      In fur changing
-      In training and competition use
-      In breeding
-      At stress
-      At problems with fur and skin
-      At older animals
-      At metabolism problems and allergies
-      At hoof problems
Possible consequences of deficiencies of trace elements and micronutrients:
-      Problems at fur changing
-      Scaly skin
-      Dull fur
-      Delay in development
-      Degeneration of bones and joints
-      Weakened immune system
-      susceptibility to stress
-      poor hoof quality
-      birth difficulties
Feeding as close to nature as possible is the basic prerequisite for horse health and performance. As an herbivore oriented in continuous intake of raw fiber-rich, low-energy and low-protein feed, the detoxification capacity of the horse liver is also limited and is easily overloaded by nutrient-rich feed, environment and other toxins but also by synthetic vitamins etc. This can contribute to feared metabolic problems, such as EMS, PSSM, etc., which are becoming increasingly common nowadays.
EquiGreen MicroMineral is a natural, optimal dietary supplement in the trace and micronutrient range. Especially in the case of the feeding of prefabricated feeds, a shortage situation is quickly created, because industrial and thermal processing causes many substances to be damaged, altered or destroyed. Synthetics cannot completely remove this deficiency. Therefore, EquiGreen MicroMineral should not be missed.
Tip of an expert: Deficiency symptoms can also be caused by a disturbed bowel function or disturbance of the intestinal flora. Therefore it is advisable to feed EquiGreen GutClean with the following feeding with EquiGreen GutActive to improve the absorption capacity.
Composition: maerl, brewer's yeast, malt rootlets, seaweed meal, grape pips meal
Analytical constituents and levels: calcium 17.0%, magnesium 1.25%, potassium 0.65%, phosphorus 0.25%, sodium 0.65%, ash insoluble in HCl 6.0%
Feeding recommendation: daily 3.5 measuring spoons (25 g) over the feed. In particular need e.g. coat change, in the last 1/3 of gestation, as well as during lactation, the feeding quantity should be increased to 50-100 g. 1 measuring spoon is approx. 7 g.
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