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EquiGreen Toxisan

EquiGreen Toxisan
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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Fütterungsbedingte Sofortunterstützung für Leber und Nieren für stoffwechselempfindliche Pferde und Ponys
  • EquiGreen Toxisan eignet sich hervorragend zur Unterstützung von Leber und Nieren
  • Kann die Ausscheidung von Gift- und Schadstoffen fördern und die Gewichtsregulation bei übergewichtigen Pferden und Ponys unterstützen
  • Reines Naturprodukt mit hochwertigen Tinkturen - Ohne Füllstoffe & Geschmacksverstärker
  • Qualitätsprodukt nach bewährter cdVet- Rezeptur von Tierheilpraktikern, Tierärzten und Tierbesitzern entwickelt


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Complementary feed for horses   Feeding-related support of the whole metabolism,... more
Product information "EquiGreen Toxisan"
Complementary feed for horses
Feeding-related support of the whole metabolism, of liver and kidneys, liquid
EquiGreen Toxisan is specifically designed to meet nutritional-related needs of horses and ponies. A strengthening of the detoxification organs, liver and kidneys, is helpful to support the whole metabolism. The blend of herbal extracts of EquiGreen Toxisan, adapted to the stimulation of the detoxification organs, can be quickly absorbed and directly utilized by the body, thus supporting the detoxification processes.
Expert tip: As a supplementary, year-round supply of mineral and humic substances, EquiGreen HuminoMineral is recommended. During the grazing season, EquiGreen ToxiVet sorb should be fed additionally.
Composition: stinging nettle extract, birch extract, wild pansy extract, marigold extract, mountain arnica extract
Additives per L: Preservatives: lactic acid E270 47.5 g. Sensory additives: ginkgo tincture 70.9 g, milk thistle tincture 23.6 g, goldenrod tincture 23.6 g.
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 0.3%, crude fiber 0.5%, crude ash 0.4%, crude fat 0.2%, moisture 93%, sodium 0.02%
Feeding recommendation: Shake before use. If required, mix 1-2 ml/100 kg body weight 2 x daily with the feed or give it directly into the mouth. For year-round demand 1 x daily 0.5-1 ml/100 kg body weight.
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