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Fit-BARF Bovine Fat 500 ml

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Size: 500 ml (€2.79 * / 100 ml)

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Einzelfuttermittel zur optimalen Ergänzung der Tagesration mit Proteinen
  • Enthält 100% natürliches und reines Rinderfett
  • Besonders geeignet für Leistungshunde und schlechte Futterverwerter
  • Zur Fettergänzung beim Barfen
  • Von Tierheilpraktikern, Tierärzten und Tierbesitzern empfohlen
  • 4142
  • Einzelfuttermittel für Hunde und Katzen
Feed material for dogs and cats   For the appropriate supply at raw feeding... more
Product information "Fit-BARF Bovine Fat 500 ml"
Feed material for dogs and cats
For the appropriate supply at raw feeding
The proportion of animal fat should be 15-25% in the diet of the dog and the cat should be at about 10%. If your dog or cat is fed with lean meat, it uses proteins to produce energy. In this case, wastes will be generated that need to be digested by liver and kidneys. The strain on the metabolism increases. On the long term, this can lead to congestions of the excretory organs. In case of dogs or cats that are poorly using the feed or very underweight, special attention should be paid to the fat content of the meat.
Composition: 100% pure bovine fat
Analytical constituents and levels: 100% crude fat
Feeding recommendation: cats 2-5 g, small dogs approx. 10 g, medium-sized dogs approx. 10-40 g, large dogs approx. 40-80 g
Depending on activity and energy needs feeding can be adjusted.
If fat is being fed for the first time, please note that the addition must be slowly increased to the desired amount. The cat or dog should be given enough time for this change and should be particularly monitored during this time. Only then you can decide, whether your pet can cope with the amount of fat being fed. It is important to consider each animal as an individual.
Stage of life: Adult, Junior, Senior
Product type: Straight Feed
Product form: Hard
Nutritional profile: BARF, No additives
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