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Fit-BARF Vegetables (TCVM)

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Overview of product benefits

  • Ergänzungsfuttermittel zur optimalen Versorgung mit natürlichen Vitaminen und Mineralien
  • Mit Topinamburknollen, deren Inulingehalt einen natürlichen Beitrag zur Darmgesundheit leisten
  • Rezeptur nach der Leere der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin
  • Mit Tierheilpraktikern, Tierärzten und Tierbesitzern entwickelt
  • Deutsches Qualitätsprodukt direkt vom Hersteller


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Complementary feed for dogs and cats.   Complementary feed vegetable,... more
Product information "Fit-BARF Vegetables (TCVM)"
Complementary feed for dogs and cats.
Complementary feed vegetable, gastrointestinal, powder form
To supplement the daily ration at raw feeding. Recipe according to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.
Fit-BARF Vegetable (TCVM) is a grain-free alternative and brings not only variety, but also balance in the Barf feeding plan.
Unlike Western thinking, food is not only judged by vital substances or their origin, but by their heat effect and the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, water.
Foods as well as herbs are assigned according to their energetic effect, the temperature behavior, the color, the taste and smell of a certain function circle.
Jerusalem artichokes
Chinese point of view: element: earth, thermal: neutral, organ: spleen, stomach, liver, bile, intestine
Western point of view: Vit. A, B1, B6, C, H, manganese, copper, magnesium, selenium, zinc and iron make the Jerusalem artichoke tubercle, in addition to its high inulin content, a valuable ingredient in order not to burden the sugar metabolism too much, and at the same time to promote digestion.
Chinese point of view: element: earth, thermal: neutral, strengthen spleen-Qi
Western point of view: Carrots contain a high proportion of carotene, biotin, iron, calcium, vitamins B1, B2, B6
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