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Fit-Crock Energy&Lac

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Overview of product benefits

  • Schonend kaltgepresstes Trockenfutter - ohne synthetische Zusätze
  • Zum gezielten Eiweißausgleich bei erhöhtem Bedarf
  • Mit besonders hohem Protein- und Kalziumgehalt abgestimmt auf die Laktationsperiode
  • Blutmehl versorgt den Organismus mit Eisen, Aminosäuren und Elektolyten
  • Fleisch von Weiderindern aus artgerechter Haltung


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Complementary feed for dogs   For targeted protein balance in case of increased... more
Product information "Fit-Crock Energy&Lac"
Complementary feed for dogs
For targeted protein balance in case of increased demand (sport dogs, bitches during gestation and lactation)  -  Grain-free !
Proteins are important in feeding the dogs. They consist of amino acids. Some amino acids are essential, they can only be supplied through food. Proteins are important for the building and maintaining the body substance. They help in various metabolic processes, such as Hormone, blood, secretion, enzyme production, growth and muscle development. In certain situations the dog may need an increased protein intake. Females from the second half of gestation and during lactation have an increased need. A deficiency may be accompanied by short stature of puppies or by too little milk. Although proteins in energy are a minor role, and the performance dog may benefit from targeted protein feeding. But this is rather a short-term feeding. This can promote regeneration after severe endurance and prevent protein deficiency symptoms such as anemia and muscle weakening.  Fit-Crock Energy&Lac also contains a large amount of blood meal, which is rich in essential amino acids (eg, lysine, methionine, cystine, threonine, tryptophan) and vital electrolytes (such as sodium and potassium).
Composition: Jerusalem artichoke, blood meal, beef meal, marine fish meal, beef fat, grape pips meal, maerl, nettle herb, birch leaf, milk thistle, dandelion, brewers' yeast, malt rootlets, seaweed meal, rosemary
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein: 39%, crude fat 8%, crude fibre 11.4%, crude ash 14.5%, calcium 4.7%, phosphorus 2%
Feeding recommendation: If required replace &fraq14; up to 1/3 of the daily ration through Fit-Crock Classic, Fit-Crock TCVM or Fit-Crock Sensitive through  Fit-Crock Energy&Lac. Female dogs in the last 10 days of pregnancy should be fed slowly in the beginning. Afterwards up to the end of lactation. Performance dogs not longer than 1 week after sever longtime-pressure.
The information is indicative only. Fresh water should always be available.
Fit-Crock Energy&Lac is designed solely for feeding at increase requirement of protein. We advise to seek advise of a fedding expert befor starting feed because an inappropiate feeding can develope problems in health through an oversupply of proteins.
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