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GutActive Farm Animals

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Unterstützt fütterungsbedingt eine gesunde Darmflora und begünstigt dadurch ein gut funktionierendes Immunsystem
  • Insbesondere zur Verwendung bei Jungtieren geeignet (Kälber, Ferkel)
  • Für eine optimale Futterverwertung und -aufnahme durch eine gesunde Darmflora
  • Eine gesunde Darmflora kann einen stabileren Tierbestand mit weniger Kümmerern begünstigen
  • Kann die Verdrängung schädlicher Keime unterstützen und die Ammoniakbelastung im Stall verringern


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PREMIXTURE of flavor and appetizing additives for calves, poultry and pigs  ... more
Product information "GutActive Farm Animals"
PREMIXTURE of flavor and appetizing additives for calves, poultry and pigs
Feeding-related support for a healthy intestinal flora
In fermentation process probiotic microorganisms proliferate and produce lactic acid, antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins, these have influence on the pH value and optimize the intestinal environment.
In a healthy intestinal balance the intestinal flora is intact. Pathogene bacteria can't find an ideal livelihood and can only develope with difficulty. As a major part of Immune system located in the intestines, promotes healthy intestinal flora a good functioning immune system.
A healthy intestinal flora means:
- Optimal feed conversion
- Optimum feed intake
- Healthier stable animal population
- Displacement of harmful germs
- Lower ammonia load in the stable
- Less stunted animals
Flavorings whose addition to feeds improves their smell or palatability: Flavouring compounds: 20000mg per kg. Carrier: drinking water, humidity 94.9%
Instructions for use:
Poultry: 1 - 2 L per ton of feed - with dosing pump for fresh daily feeding. Pigs: 1 - 2l per ton feed over 8-14 days, then sporadically in support of feed conversion. Calves: 10 - 20ml daily until discontinuation of milk or depending on individual needs.
Protect from frost and heat!  GutActive only lasts three days in the feed!
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