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Overview of product benefits

  • Ergänzungsfuttermittel zur probiotischen Versorgung der Darmflora von Reptilien
  • Optimal zur Vorbereitung auf die Winterruhe
  • mit Gerbstoffen aus Baumrinde
  • Kann zu einer Verbesserung der Nähr- und Vitalstoffaufnahme beitragen
  • Deutsches Qualitätsprodukt direkt vom Hersteller mit 100% natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen


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Complementary feed.   For the appropriate feeding in food-related digestive... more
Product information "GutREPTIN"
Complementary feed.
For the appropriate feeding in food-related digestive disorders and intestinal problems.
For gut cleansing, powder
The tannins contained in tree barks can contribute to superficial densification of the intestinal mucosa with formation of a protective layer in the intestine. This prevents an increased water discharge. The intestinal contents are less fluid and the resulting protective layer makes the penetration of bacteria, poison or irritants more difficult.
The tree parts of the GutREPTIN are extremely rich in minerals and trace elements. They contain fiber-rich structures as well as valuable nutrients. The digestion-promoting yeasts improve the intake of nutrients and vital substances in the intestine. Brewer's yeast is rich in natural B vitamins, trace elements and essential amino acids, supports intestinal health and thus the nonspecific immune system.
Tip of an expert: Recommended for lizards and turtles, preferably in the late summer as a preparation for the winter rest. For snakes, an addition is recommended for every second feeding.
Brewer´s yeast, willow bark, elm bark.
Additives per kg: sSensory additives: grapefruit kernel extract 40000 mg, oregano oil 15000 mg. Preservatives: lactic acid E 270 20000mg. Technological additives: Bentonite 1m558i 395g
The total quantity of bentonite shall not exceed the maximum content of 20000 mg / kg of complete feeding stuffs authorized in complete feeding stuffs.
levels: Crude protein 10.2%, crude fat 2.0%, crude fiber 4.9%, crude ash 35.2%, calcium 0.77%, phosphorus 0.17%, ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid 29.0%
Feeding recommendation: over 14 days daily 1g, 14 days break, then for another 14 days daily 1g
1 coated measuring spoon is approx. 1g
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