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HustaVet Respiration drops

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Overview of product benefits

  • Ergänzungsfuttermittel mit hochkonzentrierten natürlichen Ölen aus Eukalyptus, Salbei, Anis, Kümmel undThymian zur ernährungsbedingten Unterstützung der Atemwege
  • Ein intakter Atemtrakt kann positiv zur Stärkung der körpereignen Abwehrkräfte beitragen
  • Ätherische Öle aus Thymian und Anis können zur natürlichen Unterstützung des Selbstreinigungsmechanismen der Bronchien beitragen
  • Enthält sowohl Öle mit natürlichen atemwegsunterstützenden als auch natürlichen darmoptimierenden Inhaltsstoffen
  • Kann auch durch Vernebelung zur Verbesserung der Stallluft versprüht werden


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PREMIXTURE of flavouring and appetizing additives for horses   For the dietary... more
Product information "HustaVet Respiration drops"
PREMIXTURE of flavouring and appetizing additives for horses
For the dietary support of respiratory condition and to stimulate the feed intake.
Healthy indoor / stable climate with essential oils
HustaVet Respiration drops can stimulate as highly concentrated composition of essential oils of the respiratory tract for improved ventilation.
To support a deeper inhalation stimulating strong scent of HustaVet Respiration drops they can be applied diverse.
At high sensitivity of the respiratory tract, the immune system can be positively supported with essential oils.
Essential oils can clean the air we breathe nicely in rooms and provide a significant improvement of the stable air.
Expert Tip:
Can also be dripped onto the blanket at winter covering*. Or moisten towels that can be hanged up outside the transport / horse box or similar. It is also possible to dilute a few drops with water and spray in the stable (add 5ml in about 250ml of water and spray with a spray bottle).
* Please test the material compatibility in a hidden place before use
Also for dogs and cats an alternative: 1 drop in 50ml water, moisten towels with it and hang near the sleeping place.
Mixture of flavouring compounds 1,000,000 mg per kg.
Directions for use: Add 5 - 10 drops to the concentrated feed, or spray HustaVet Respiration drops diluted on the hay, depending on the feeding amount 1 - 2 sprays (10ml in about 500ml of water, 20ml to 1 liter of water)
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