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insektoVet Combi SpotOn

insektoVet Combi SpotOn
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Overview of product benefits

  • Pflegemittel für Tiere zur Geruchsmaskierung gegen Zecken und andere Plagegeister
  • Duftöl mit langanhaltender Wirkung - kann den Eigengeruch des Tieres überdecken
  • Enthält u.a. ätherische Öle aus Kokosnuss, Jojoba, Lavendel und Geranien
  • Mit Tierheilpraktikern, Tierärzten und Tierbesitzern entwickelt
  • Bewährtes Produkt nach deutschem Qualitätsstandard - direkt vom Hersteller


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Care product for animals   Care oil for odor masking against ticks and other... more
Product information "insektoVet Combi SpotOn"
Care product for animals
Care oil for odor masking against ticks and other pests
insektoVet Combi SpotOn is a skin-care fragrance oil that masks the animal's own odor. The animal is no longer perceived by insects and pests as an attractive host worth attacking. insektoVet Combi SpotOn is a high-quality, skin-care oil, based on cold-pressed Egyptian organic black cumin oil and organic coconut oil. This unique composition is complemented with selected essential fragrance oilsthat masks the animal's own odor.
  • long-lasting masking properties against pests such as ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, horseflies, etc.
  • masks the animal's own odor
  • 100% nature
  • also suitable for young animals
  • low application quantity (10 ml sufficient for one season for dog/cat/rodent)simple application, ready to use
  • easy application, ready to use
  • skin friendly
Expert tip: insektoVet Combi SpotOn is basically waterproof in rain and when bathing in water. However, it should be reapplied after shampooing.
Of course, insektoVet Combi SpotOn can be combined with our other cdVet products such as TickEx herbal and TickEx Organic Oil.
Composition: organic coconut oil, organic black cumin oil, jojoba oil, neem oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, manuka oil
Application recommendation: Massage 1 drop from your wetted finger into the skin daily for 3 weeks. Dog: in both ear cones or between the shoulder blades and at the base of the tail. Cat: between the shoulder blades. Horse: near the torso on the insides of the legs as well as at the base of the ear. Rodent: only 2 x per week between the shoulder blades. 1 drop corresponds to approx. 50 mg.
Once basic stabilization is achieved, 1-2 applications weekly are sufficient. In case of strong regional tick infestation, the frequency of applications can be increased individually.
Contains lavender oil, citronellol, and geraniol. May produce an allergic reaction.
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insektoVet Combi SpotOn insektoVet Combi SpotOn
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