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MicroAgrar MK Udder acute 25 kg

MicroAgrar MK Udder acute 25 kg
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Overview of product benefits

  • Unterstützt die optimale Versorgung mit Mikronährstoffen
  • Kann den Stoffwechsel optimieren insbesondere bei akuten Bestandsproblemen und/oder Euterproblemgruppen
  • Zur Versorgung des Organismus mit wichtigen Spurenelementen, Kupfer, Mangan und Zink
  • Enthält Lebendhefe, unterstützt die Pansenaktivität, eine gesunde Euterkondition und Klauen und kann die Fruchtbarkeit verbessern
  • Besonders geeignet zur einfachen Anwendung über den Futtermischwagen
  • 10013
  • Mineralergänzungsfuttermittel für Milchkühe
  • 170.665 €
Mineral feed for dairy cows   Micronutrient supply plus chelates, for... more
Product information "MicroAgrar MK Udder acute 25 kg"
Mineral feed for dairy cows
Micronutrient supply plus chelates, for nutritional support of physiological balance in acute livestock problems and/or udder problem groups
MicroAgrar MK Udder acute makes an important contribution for the supply of the organism with the essential trace elements copper, manganese and zinc to improve the physiological balance.
+ For short-term compensation for udder-related nutritional deficiencies
+ In acute inventory problems and / or udder problem groups
+ MicroAgrar Dairy Cow is the basis for the permanent basis supply
The small difference in the trace elements - health through optimized feeding
The best support for our high yielding cows at their milk yield and quality provides a good supply of highly available trace elements that are needed at times of high milk yield demonstrably increased at amount. Against the backdrop of a better bioavailability of organically bound trace elements, the supplementation on the performance and health status of dairy cows can have a positive effect.
A supply of organic trace elements can nutritionally:
•reduce the increased cell counts
•contribute to optimal claws stability and tougher skin and mucous membranes
•ensure optimum fertility and long life
Tip of an expert: Particularly suitable for admixture in the feed mixer
Composition: maerl, brewer's yeast, seaweed meal, grape pips meal, malt rootlets, nettle, milk thistle
Technological additives: bentonite 1m558i - 243.5 g, clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin 1g568 - 243.5 g. Gut flora stabilizers: 4b1710 Saccharomyces cerevisiae MULC 39885 495 x 10 ^ 9 CFU. Nutritional physiological additives: copper E4 as amino acids copper chelate hydrate 1500 mg, manganese E5 as amino acids manganese chelate hydrate 1695 mg, zinc E6 as amino acids zinc chelate hydrate 7560 mg
The total amount of bentonite in complete feed must not exceed the maximum permissible level of 20 000 mg/kg complete feed. Total quantity of clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin from all sources must not exceed the maximum content of 10 000 mg.The total quantity of copper must not exceed the maximum content of 35 mg / kg of complete feeding stuffs authorized in complete feeding stuffs.
Analytical constituents and contents: crude protein 4.4%, crude fibre 3.8%, crude ash 72.7%, crude fat 0.2%, sodium 0,80%, calcium 6.75%, phosphorus 0.10%, magnesium 0.85%, ash insoluble in HCl 50.9%
Feeding recommendation: 80-150 g MicroAgrar MK Udder acute per animal and day (minimum concentration to be added 2.0 x 10 ^ 9 CFU per kg of complete feed)
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