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MicroAgrar S intensive 25 kg

MicroAgrar S intensive 25 kg
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Size: 25 Kilogramm (€6.81 * / 1 Kilogramm)

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Overview of product benefits

  • Unterstützt die optimale Versorgung mit Mikronährstoffen und Spurenelementen bei der Hochleistungssau
  • Unterstützt die Optimierung der Stoffwechselprozesse durch die Unterstützung der Entgiftungsorgane
  • Toxinbindung durch Vulkanerden
  • Kann die Leistung stabilisieren vor allem in Stresssituationen wie Um- und Neueinstallungen
  • Kann für einen kurzfristigen Ausgleich bei euterrelevanten Mangelernährungen sorgen
  • 10020
  • Mineralergänzungsfuttermittel für Schweine
  • 170.13 €
Mineral feed for pigs   Micronutrient supply and intensive metabolism support... more
Product information "MicroAgrar S intensive 25 kg"
Mineral feed for pigs
Micronutrient supply and intensive metabolism support of the high-performance sow
MicroAgrar S intensiv combined all preferences of MicroAgrar Universal and will be optimised through the addition of herbs which supports the metabolism for the requirements of high performance sow.
Against the background of a better bioavailability of natural micronutrients in combination with herbs for the support of the detoxification ograns. Thus the supplement can affect positively on the performance and health status of high performance sow.
- optimises metabolism process through support of detoxification organs = toxins can be excreted easier
- for high performance sow with diet-related predisposition to MMA
- at short intervals of pregnancy
- for high performance sow with high piglet number
- problems in piglet rearing like sensibility on edge of the ear
- support of the immune system
- for short-time compensation at malnutrition, at acute stock problems and/or MMA- Problem groups
MicroAgrar S intensive is designed on the special intensive and sensible requirements of the metabolism of high performance sows.
Through high milk performance, high piglet number, intensive stable rythm a special challenge for the supply of trace elements and the metabolism organs of the sow is given. Sows often can´t deal with this pressure. This will be shown inter alia through fertility problems, MMA, problems in piglet rear as well as sensibiltiy on edge of the ear, weak immune system, vulnerabilities and in the end also through a low life output of the sow. An organism which is supplied with an optimal metabolism and a good function of detoxification organs helps the sow to bring a healthy life output and to strength the health of piglets.
MicroAgrar S intensive is developed on this challenge and on the elimination of deficiencies on natural ingredients which are specially important inter alia also orientated on the health of young animals, life output and conition of metabolism organs.
MicroAgrar S intensive has furthermore a positive influence on the conversion and binding of toxins.
Composition: maerl, seaweed meal, brewer´s yeast, stinging nettle, seawead meal, grape pips meal, holy thistel, couch grass root, malt germs
Additives per kg/L: Technological additives: clinoptilolite volcanic origin E567 100 g, bentonite 1mg E 558 150 g, clinoptilolite sedimentary origin 1m568i 150 g
The total quantity of clinoptilolite sedimentary origin of all source must not exceed the maximum level of 10000 mg. The total quantity of bentonite in feed material must not exceed the permitted maximum level of 20000 mg/kg feed material.
Analytical constituents and levels: crude ash 58.9%, crude protein 5.7%, crude fat 1.2%, crude fibre 6.8%, lysine 0.28%, methionine 0.10%, sodium 0.71%, calcium 7.52%, phosphorus 0,13%, magnesium 0.97%, ash insoluble in HCl 35.0%
Feeding recommendation: Booster phase 10 kg per 1000 kg feed, afterwards 5 kg per 1000 feed
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