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MicroMineral for Birds & Exotics

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Overview of product benefits

  • Mineralergänzungsfuttermittel zur natürlichen Mineralisierung und Vitaminabsicherung
  • Ausgewogene natürliche Zutaten sorgen für eine breite Versorgung, sowie eine optimale Ernährung auf natürlichem Wege
  • Enthält Nährstoffe die sich positiv auf die Fruchtbarkeit und die Kondition Ihrer Vögel auswirken können
  • Eine ausgeglilchene Nährsoffversorgung kann den Knochenbau, ein seidiges Gefieder und eine schöne Pigmentierung fördern
  • Bewährte Rezeptur - von vielen Vogelhaltern empfohlen!


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Mineral feed for birds & exotics   For the appropriate feeding of ornamental... more
Product information "MicroMineral for Birds & Exotics"
Mineral feed for birds & exotics
For the appropriate feeding of ornamental birds and exotics
Daily supply with minerals, trace elements and vitamins
MicroMineral contains 100% pure natural ingredients such as algae, maerl, grape pips meal and brewers yeast, which are rich in natural, readily available micronutrients such as minerals, trace elements, vitamins, etc., and because of their herbal origin, don´t burden the detoxification organs further. An optimal natural supply of minerals like calcium, magnesium and a complex of essential trace elements and alginates is thus made possible. By feeding grain feed as sole feed can occurs deficiencies especially at birds which cannot fly free. Synthetic additives cannot remove this deficiencies completely. Thus cdVet MicroMineral for birds should not fail in the daily feeding. As addition to fodder for a natural mineralization and coverage with vitamins.
One needs to pay attention to an optimal supply of micronutrients:
- while in growth
- while molt
- while breeding
- in stressful situations
- for plumage and skin
- problems in older animals
- for metabolic problems and allergies
Possible consequences of trace-element and micronutrient deficiency:
- increased loss of plumage
- picking of plumage
- scabby skin
- mat plumage
- developmental delays
-degeneration of bones and joints
- weak immune system
- early developing signs of aging
- stress susceptibility
- eggbound
Tip of an expert: A disturbed intestinal flora is often another cause of deficiency symptoms. Therefore, a 14-day intensive feeding with GutClean for ornamental birds and exotics is recommended.
Composition: maerl, brewers yeast, malt rootles, seeweed meal, grape pips meal
Analytical constituents and levels: calcium 17%, magnesium 1,25%, potassium 0.65% phosphorus 0.25%, sodium 0.65%,ash insoluble in HCl 6.0%
Feeding recommendation: daily one pinch upon the feed
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