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MortellaroVet ProBiotic

MortellaroVet ProBiotic
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Overview of product benefits

  • Konzipiert zur pflege- und hygienebedingten Verminderung von fäulnisbedingten Klauenproblemen
  • Besteht aus fermentierten Kräutern, die eine keimverdrängende Wirkung haben und somit eine natürliche Konkurrenz zu Schadkeimen bilden
  • MortellaroVet ProBiotic ist ein 100%-iges biologisches Produkt, das durch natürliche Vergärung entstanden ist. Es ist ungiftig und zu 100% biologisch abbaubar.
  • Als Zusatz für Klauenbäder geeignet
  • In Kombination mit Klauen-Gel empfehlenswert


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Care product for cows   Additive for claw baths based on fermented herbs... more
Product information "MortellaroVet ProBiotic"
Care product for cows
Additive for claw baths based on fermented herbs
MortellaroVet Probiotic is designed for the care and hygienic-related decrease of rotteness promoted claw problems like especially mortellaro. Mortellaro and other roteness related problems will be promoted through unhealthy rottening stable flora. Through MortellaroVet Prebiotic the aerobic mircoflora will be strengthened which naturally rotteness hindered resp. displaced. Thus the claws get an evironment through claw bath which helps to decrease resp. avoid care and hygiene-related causes for pressure.
Rotteness germs resp. germs in general can be displaced through a healthy stable and skin flora.
Mortellaro on cows: Mortellaro is often a massive health problem in cubicle houses and therefore quickly a financal one for the holder.
What are the main causes?
1. Moisture in the stable causes rotting manure and slurry. Slurry rots anaerobically and is an ideal base for rotting germs, which can become a problem especially on wet and soggy skin.
2. Metabolic overload in cows also means that they are trying to detoxify by their skin and cheesy secretions emerge. These secretions are ideal breeding ground for rot bacteria. If these skin areas are not maintained adequately it quickly comes to inflammation, which can occur like an epidemic in the stable.Causes of such events are therefore primarily lack of maintenance, wrong feeding- and husbandry conditions.
How cdVet can help:
1. Caring with cdVet Claw Gel. cdVet Claw Gel binds moisture massively and forms a solid oxygen permeable patch, which dries the skin and massively relieves the skin for a healthy bodys own regeneration while avoiding the re-soiling of the skin areas. cdVet Claw Gel therefore is a product for the individual animal care that barely can be thought away in the area of claws for the past 14 years.
2. cdVet MortellaroVet ProBiotic is a further development based on fermented herbs that have a massive germ repressive effect and therefore form a natural competitor to harmful germs. The product is almost identical to cdVet cdSept and is already used for this purpose in dairy cattle stables.
Composition: fermented plant extracts from wild herbs and spices
Instructions for use: Claw bath: if required 5% dilution. Comply per breakthrough 1% till a positiv base flora is developed. For a longtime application 1-2% dilution and comply if required 0,5-1%. Claw washing installation: 5% dilution till a positiv base flora is developed.
For a longtime application 1% dilution. Generally a support of aerobic humification of the stable flora through the application of cdVet HuminoVet Powder is recommended.
Protect against frost and heat!
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