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Rodent Vit C Rodent Vit C
Complementary feed for rodents For adequate supply with vitamin C Rodent Vit C is an useful addition for guinea pig and can be also used for the appropoiate feeding of respiratory tact sensitive animals. Expert tip: Guinea pigs in...
Content 10 ml (€99.50 * / 100 ml)
From €9.95 *
GutClean Rodents GutClean Rodents
Liquid complementary feed. For gut cleansing, liquid For the appropriate feeding in food-related digestive disorders and intestinal problems. GutClean is a natural, liquid complementary feed for the problem-appropriate support of the...
Content 10 ml (€89.50 * / 100 ml)
From €8.95 *
BronchialVital Rodents BronchialVital Rodents
Complementary feed For the appropriate feeding of respiratory-sensitive animals Improvement of the self-cleaning mechanism of the bronchi, liquid BronchialVital for rodents is a liquid complementary feed for nutritional support of upper...
Content 10 ml (€89.50 * / 100 ml)
From €8.95 *
RodentVital RodentVital
Liquid complementary feed Feeding-related support of liver and kidney function, liquid RodentVital is a liquid complementary feed contains herbs, fruit- and vegetable-extracts, which are particularly important for nutritional support of...
Content 20 ml (€44.75 * / 100 ml)
From €8.95 *
Rodent BreathMix Rodent BreathMix
Complementary feed. For the appropriate feeding of respiratory-sensitive animals. Intermittent feeding to strengthen resistance, structural herbs For nutritional support of the bronchial function. Rodent BreathMix is ​​a complementary...
Content 40 Gramm (€24.88 * / 100 Gramm)
From €9.95 *
GutActive for Rodents & Birds 50ml GutActive for Rodents & Birds 50ml
Complementary feed. Feeding-related support of the intestinal flora. GutActive for rodents and birds supports the intestinal condition, especially at nutritionally disturbed intestinal flora and digestive problems. Fermented plant...
Content 50 ml (€17.90 * / 100 ml)
€8.95 *
RodentFruit Vit C RodentFruit Vit C
Complementary feed. To supplement the daily intake and vitamin C supply. RodentFruit Vit C is produced of selected ingredients to enable a well-balanced nourishment. It adds the requirement of vitamins (Niacin, Riboflavine (B2), folic...
Content 40 Gramm (€24.88 * / 100 Gramm)
From €9.95 *
Rodent Fitness Rodent Fitness
Complementary feed Rodentfitness is rich in natural minerals, rich in natural bioflavones which only are contained in high-graded herbs. Free of synthetic additives. Rodent Fitness is a well-proven mixture of high quality herbs for a...
Content 40 Gramm (€19.88 * / 100 Gramm)
From €7.95 *
Bio-HerbsGreen Pellets 400 g Bio-HerbsGreen Pellets 400 g
Feed material for rodents The treat in bio-quality for a healthy and daily reward As a healthy alternative to the often offered rolls / bread. Free of corn starch, additives and dyes, they consist of 13 different herbs and grasses and...
Content 0.4 Kilogramm (€27.38 * / 1 Kilogramm)
€10.95 *
MicroMineral Rodents MicroMineral Rodents
Mineral feed For the appropriate feeding of small animals Daily supply of minerals, trace elements and vitamins MicroMineral contains 100% pure natural ingredients such as algae, mearl, grape pips meal, and brewers yeast, which are rich...
Content 25 Gramm (€27.80 * / 100 Gramm)
From €6.95 *
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