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PalomaVet GutActive

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Natürliches Probiotika zur ernährungsbedingten Stärkung der Darmflora bei Tauben
  • Bewährt nach Antibiotikagabe, Wurmkuren, Impfungen, bei Futterumstellung, Stress, langem Kabinenaufenthalt oder während der Mauser
  • Auch für Jungtiere geeignet, insbesondere zur Optimierung des Darmmilieus nach Absetzen der Kropfmilch
  • Ein gesunder Darm ist Voraussetzung für ein intaktes Immunsystem und eine erfolgreiche Taubenzucht- und Flugsaison
  • Probiotische Bakterien können die Verbesserung der Futterverwertung fördern und einen positiven Einfluss auf die Darmfunktion nehmen


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Complementary feed for pigeons   Liquid complementary feed for special support... more
Product information "PalomaVet GutActive"
Complementary feed for pigeons
Liquid complementary feed for special support of intestinal flora
Fermented plant extract from wild and spicy herbs according to a special cdVet recipe
The natural intestinal flora can be impaired through anthelmintic therapies, vaccinations, treatments with antibiotics, stressful situations, or unbalanced and incorrect feeding, and this can lead to incorrect colonization of the intestinal mucosa. To counteract this condition due to nutrition, PalomaVet GutActive was developed.
For the production of PalomaVet GutActive, wild and spice plants are together fermented in a natural process. During this fermentation process, the probiotic microorganisms multiply and produce substances that are so valuable for the pigeons, such as f.e. lactic acid, antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins. At the same time, the pH in the digestive tract can be regulated through this special mixture of with valuable lactobacilli amongst others, and the development of pathogenic bacteria can be reduced in a natural way.
PalomaVet GutActive
  • supports the immune system
  • improves feed conversion
  • supports the balance of the natural intestinal flora
When is the feeding of PalomaVet GutActive particularly important?
  • after anthelmintic therapies
  • after vaccinations
  • after treatments with antibiotics
  • in stressfull situations
  • in young animals after weaning from the goiter's milk
  • during travel
  • during breeding
  • during molt
Composition: fermented nettle, fermented thyme, fermented peppermint, fermented oregano, fermented hibiscus, fermented Echinacea, fermented fenugreek seeds, fermented yarrow, fermented bedstraw, fermented chicory
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 0.3%, crude fiber 1.4%, crude fat 0.2%, crude ash 0.7%, sodium 0.04%, moisture 94,9%, lysine 0.1%, methionine 0.1%
Feeding recommendation: in case of acute need and when feeding for the first time, add 5 ml to 1 kg feed or 2 ml to 1 L drinking water. At regular feeding, add it 1-2 x per week.
Protect from frost and heat! PalomaVet GutActive keeps only for three days, when it has been mixed into the feed!
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