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PalomaVet VulcanoMineral

PalomaVet VulcanoMineral
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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • 100% natürliches Mineralergänzungsfuttermittel für Tauben. Optimale Vitalität und Leistungskraft
  • Enthält natürliche Vulkanerde, um Toxine bereits im Verdauungstrakt zu binden und auszuscheiden
  • Besonders zu empfehlen bei erhöhter Belastung durch Ausstellungen oder im Brieftaubenwettkampf
  • Für eine gute Vorbereitung auf den Flug und schnellere Regeneration nach dem Flug (mit Lysin, Methionin, OPC)
  • Entlastung der Entgiftungsorgane durch hohe Verfügbarkeit von Kalzium und Magnesium aus natürlichen Quellen


  • 1810
Mineral complementary feed for pigeons   Daily supply of minerals, trace... more
Product information "PalomaVet VulcanoMineral"
Mineral complementary feed for pigeons
Daily supply of minerals, trace elements, and vitamins
PalomaVet VulcanoMineral contains 100% purely natural ingredients, such as algae lime, brewers' yeast, grape seed flour, and bentonite. Brewers' yeast contains a high proportion of essential amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins of the B complex and can thus strengthen vitality and performance. Grape seed meal provides OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins), one of the most powerful antioxidants, which can have a positive influence on the regeneration after the flight. Volcanic earth (bentonite) can intercept toxins in the digestive tract before they strain the organism. Therefore, PalomaVet VulcanoMineral is particularly recommended as a product for increased loads, such as f.e. exhibition time or trip.
  • Binding of toxins
  • For a good preparation for the flight and faster regeneration after the flight (lysine, methionine, OPC)
  • Relief of the detoxification organs by high availability of calcium and magnesium from natural sources
Composition: maerl, brewers' yeast, seaweed meal, grape pips meal, malt rootles
Additives per kg: technological additives: bentonite 1m558i 630 g
The total amount of bentonite must not exceed the permitted maximum level in complete feedingstuff of 20000 mg/kg of complete feedingstuff
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 3.2%, crude fiber 2.5%, crude ash 75.9%, crude fat 0.4%, sodium 0.97%, calcium 6.9%, phosphorus 0.1%, magnesium 1.1%, potassium 0.7%, lysine 0.15%, methionine 0.06%, ash insoluble in HCl 50.9%
Feeding recommendation: add 5-15 g per 1000 g feed, moisten with PalomaVet Feeding Oil or water:
start 14 days before the trip, during travel time continuously
The simultaneous oral use with macrolides shall be avoided. The simultaneous use with robenidine shall be avoided. The simultaneous use with coccidiostats other than robenidine is contraindicated with level of bentonite above 5000 mg/kg of complete feed.
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