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PhytoStart S

PhytoStart S
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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Natürliche Einstallmischung für Schweine - wirkt wurmfeindlich und immunstärkend
  • Zur ernährungsbedingten Unterstützung der Darmflora und der Atemwegskondition
  • Unterstützt ernährungsbedingt bei Verdauungsproblemen und Durchfallempfindlichkeiten
  • Unterstützt ernährungsbedingt einen stabileren und sichereren Einstieg in die Einstallphase
  • Ernährungsbedingter Leistungstabilisator durch stärkende Unterstützung des Immunsystems


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Complementary feed for pigs     Nutritional support of the intestinal... more
Product information "PhytoStart S"
Complementary feed for pigs
Nutritional support of the intestinal flora and respiratory tract condition - worm hostile, strengthening the immune system
Phyto Start S - the natural installation mixture for pigs
The nesting of piglets and the first phase of the forage is a very sensitive period for animal health and thus for the performance of the animals. PhytoStart S is a further development of proven cdVet products to give you as a farmer a conceptually balanced and highly efficient natural product. PhytoStart S helps you to make the first stabling phase nutritionally stable and safer.
PhytoStart S supports diet-related in the following areas:
  • Digestion and diarrhea sensitivity
  • Respiratory tract
  • Worm-hostile intestinal environment
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Power stabilizer
Composition: thyme, coriander, melissa leaves, coconut flakes, brewer's yeast, couch grass roots, vermouth, bear's garlic, elm bark, Southernwood
Additives per kg: Technological additives: Bentonite 1m558i 20 g. Sensory additives: origanum oil 60 g, mixture of flavouring agents 60 g.
The total amount of bentonite must not exceed the maximum level of 20000 mg/kg of complete feedingstuff authorized in complete feedingstuffs.
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 12.8%, crude fiber 14.4%, crude fat 14.7%, crude ash 8.0%, sodium 0.04%, calcium 1.08%, phosphorus 0.28%, moisture 14.9%, lysine 0,68%, methionine 0.23%, ash insoluble in HCl 2.9%
Feeding recommendation: 5 kg per ton of feed over 14 days. If necessary, the installation support can be extended.
Concomitant oral applictation of macrolides should be avoided.
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