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privet Bronchial

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Overview of product benefits

  • Ergänzungsfuttermittel mit hochkonzentrierten ätherischen Ölen aus Eukalyptus, Salbei, Anis, Kümmel, Thymian
  • Enthält Nährstoffe mit ätherischen Ölen, die zu einer Stimulation der Bronchienfunktion beitragen
  • Liefert wichtige Nährstoffe und ist sparsam in der Anwendung
  • Wasserlöslich - gut für die Tränke geeignet. Sehr sparsam im Verbrauch (ca. 3 Tropfen/L)
  • Zur Verbesserung des Stallklimas geeignet: 10ml auf einen Liter Wasser geben und im Stall versprühen!


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PREMIXTURE for rabbits and poultry   To stimulate feed intake and nutritional... more
Product information "privet Bronchial"
PREMIXTURE for rabbits and poultry
To stimulate feed intake and nutritional support of respiratory sensitive animals.
In nature, rabbits and poultry also take herbs and leaves, of which the contents are often rich in essential oils. Active substances contained in essential oils are particularly important for the condition of the respiratory tract, but also for digestion, and thus have a positive influence on the defenses.
In nature the animals would take in the etherial oils needed with fresh plants. In the indoor housing of swine, poultry and calves this need is not or scarcely met. Etherial oils containing active ingredients are relevant especially for the condition of the respiratory system as well as the digestive system.
Tip of an expert: privet Bronchial can also improve the stable climate: put 10ml on a liter of water and spray in the stable.
Flavouring agents whose addition to feed improves its smell or palatability: 800 g per kg. cCarrier: mono-and diacethyl tartaric acid of mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids
Instructions for use: 1 - 5 drops per liter of drinking water, 0.2 - 1ml per 10 liters of drinking water
The feed quantity can be increased up to twice the quantity according to the initial standard quantity in problem situations such as stress situations and weather changes. Feeding period: after the problem phase, continue feeding a few days to increase the constitution.
Technical equipment must be suitable for the use of essential oils. This is the responsibility of the user and is at your own risk!.
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