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privet Bronchial P 400g

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Overview of product benefits

  • Ergänzungsfuttermittel mit ätherischen Ölen von Anis und Thymian
  • Enthält Nährstoffe, die dazu beitragen die natürliche Selbstreinigung der Bronchien zu unterstützen
  • Enthält Vitamine und hochkonzentrierte ätherische Öle
  • Enthält wichtige Nährstoffe zur Unterstützung der körpereigenen Abwehrkräfte
  • Mit hochkonzentrierten ätherischen Ölen aus Eukalyptus, Salbei, Anis, Kümmel & Thymian zur Anregung der Futteraufnahme
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  • VORMISCHUNG für Wiederkäuer, Esel und Schweine
  • 27.95 €
PREMIXTURE for ruminants, donkeys and pigs.   To stimulate feed intake and... more
Product information "privet Bronchial P 400g"
PREMIXTURE for ruminants, donkeys and pigs.
To stimulate feed intake and nutritional support for respiratory sensitive animals
Not so long ago our meadows were still rich in different grasses and herbs. Unfortunately, this is often no longer the case, since many meadows have only a fraction of their former biodiversity due to over-fertilization, the use of pesticides and / or high stockings. But just many herbs contain ingredients, such as essential oils, which are important to the natural health of our grazing animals.
Flavouring agents whose addition to feed improves its smell or palatability: 100g per kg. Vitamins, provitamins and chemical defined agents with similar effect: vitamin C 20000 mg per kg. Carrier: thyme
Instructions for use: Mix daily under the feed: cattle, pigs 5 - 10g / animal. Goats, sheep, alpacas, donkeys 2 - 5g / animal
The feed quantity can be increased up to twice the quantity according to the initial standard quantity in problem situations such as stress situations and weather changes. Feeding period: after the problem phase, continue feeding a few days to increase the constitution.
The feeding amount can be increased up to twice the amount after the initial default amount in problem situations such as stabling, stress, weather changes as needed. Feeding period: continue feeding the constitution increase after the phase problem for a few days.
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