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privet GutClean

privet GutClean
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Overview of product benefits

  • Flüssiges Ergänzungsfuttermittel aus einer Kombination aus ausgewählten Kräutern
  • Fördert bei regelmäßiger Fütterung durch natürliche Inhaltsstoffe die Verdauung und unterstützt so die Balance
  • Sparsam und einfach in der Anwendung, 100% natürliche Inhaltsstoffe
  • Ein gesunder Darm ist die Vorrausetzung für ein intaktes Immunsystem
  • Zur bedarfsgerechten Zufütterung bei ernährungsbedingten Verdauungsproblemen


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Liquid complementary feed for pigs, calves, donkeys, poultry and rabbits   For... more
Product information "privet GutClean"
Liquid complementary feed for pigs, calves, donkeys, poultry and rabbits
For the appropriate feeding in food-related digestive problems, e.g. bloating and gastrointestinal disorders - intestinal protection, vitalizing, supporting the defenses
privet GutClean is a purely natural food supplement to support the feed intake on digestive disorders and to support the natural intestinal flora.
Indigestion, diarrhea and other intestinal problems are often the result of poor nutrition or a not intact intestinal flora.
privet GutClean supplemented feeding, with herbs and vegetable extracts to compensate nutritional deficiencies in a natural way.
Expert Tip: privet GutClean has proven itself particularly in the poultry and rabbit area as an optimal nutritional strengthening of the digestive tract with regard to worm and coccidia.
Fruit vinegar, dextrose, elderberry juice, beetroot juice, fermented liquid,  nettle extract, plantain extract, acerola
Additives per kg: Preservatives: lactic acid E 270 9400mg. Sensory additives: grapefruit seed extract 30000mg , origanum oil 8000mg, Ginkgo tincture 4982mg, artichoke ticture 2068mg, thyme tincture 1880mg, anise tincture 1880mg
Analytical constituents and contents: crude oils and fats 0,2%, crude ash 0.4%, crude protein 0.3%, crude fibre 0.5%, sodium 0.02%, moisture <91%, lysine 0.10%, methionine 0.10%
Feeding recommendation: daily over 14 days or longer if necessary: pig 1 - 10ml / animal, calf 5ml / animal, poultry, rabbit 5ml / liter drinking water, donkey 2 - 5ml
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