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privet Mineral

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Overview of product benefits

  • Mineralergänzungsfuttermittel aus 100% natürlichen Zutaten zur fütterungsbedingten Unterstützung des Stoffwechsels
  • Zur Regulierung des Mineralstoffhaushalts und zur Unterstützung bei erhöhtem Nährstoffbedarf (Fellwechsel, Mauser, Transport, Stress)
  • Kann zur ernährungsbedingten Stärkung des Knochenbaus und des Immunssystems beitragen
  • Eine dauerhafte Fütterung kann sich bei Geflügel positiv auf die Schalenfestigkeit auswirken
  • Deutsches Qualitätsprodukt - von vielen Tierhalten empfohlen!


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Mineral feed for pigs, ruminants, camels, alpacas, donkeys, rabbits and poultry  ... more
Product information "privet Mineral"
Mineral feed for pigs, ruminants, camels, alpacas, donkeys, rabbits and poultry
Daily supply of minerals, trace elements and vitamins
Life presents new challenges to our animals every day. In times of growth, reproduction and rearing of young animals, it is clear to every owner that our standard feed is often not enough and our animals need additional support. However, even "everyday"-situations ruin the mineral household of our animals, e.g. Fur change, moulting, transport, stress. Therefore you should feed privet Mineral daily.
privet Mineral consists of 100% natural ingredients. Because of the natural origin of the ingredients, the ingredients of privet Mineral are found where they are used in the cell and what is too much can be easily excreted - without unnecessarily burdening the metabolism of the animal. This is why privet Mineral can be used optimally for daily feeding.
Possible consequences of trace element and micronutrient deficiency:
- Scaly, dry skin
- Lusterless fur / plumage
- Developmental disorders in young animals
- Degeneration of bones and joints
- Weakened immune system
- Stressfulness
- Egg-bound, lack of shell strength
Composition: Maerl, brewer's yeast, malt rootles, algae, grape pips meal
Analytical constituents and contents: Calcium 16.0%, magnesium 1.00%, phosphorus <0.25%, sodium 0.55%, ash insoluble in HCI 6.0%, lysine 0.46%, methionine 0.16%
Feeding recommendation: Daily: cattle 25 - 50g / animal
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