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Puppy Milk

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Ersatzmilch bei Ausfall des Muttertieres oder zur Versorgung und Ernährung von verwaisten Welpen
  • Zum Schutz vor Mangelernährung bei Milchmangel und bei großen Würfen
  • Die Zusammensetzung ist gut bekömmlich und bestmöglich an die Muttermilch angepasst
  • Die Kittenmilch ist besonders hochwertig und leicht verdaulich
  • 100% natürliche Inhaltsstoffe mit einem hohen Anteil an hochwertigem Kolostrum


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Milk replacer complementary feed for dogs and rodents   Replacement milk in case... more
Product information "Puppy Milk"
Milk replacer complementary feed for dogs and rodents
Replacement milk in case of failure of the dam
Particularly gentle spray-dried powder from milk in combination with a high proportion of high-quality colostrum are used as the basis for Puppy Milk. Due to this composition, it is best adapted to the mother's milk and is also highly digestible for motherless puppies. Puppy Milk is free from any synthetic additives.
Puppy Milk can be fed as a replacement milk when the dam is absent, e.g. due to death or illness. For the first 3-4 weeks of life, puppies should be able to manage on their mother's milk alone. In case of milk shortage or large litters, the use of replacement milk can protect the puppies from malnutrition.
Puppy Milk is adapted to a digestion of the puppies remaining stably, additionally contains the necessary defense components, is particularly high-quality and easily digestible. Your pet needs sufficient time to get used to the new food. To avoid digestive disorders, the change of food should be done slowly and gradually.
Stimulate the puppy's belly with a soft, body-warm cloth to stimulate digestion. Until 3 weeks of age, puppies are unable to urinate or defecate on their own. Normally, the bitch stimulates the puppies' digestion by licking their bellies, so it is beneficial to imitate this behavior of the bitch after each bottle and stimulate the little belly. This prevents possible constipation.
Expert tip: Additional puppy milk is superfluous if the dam is healthy and gives enough milk. We recommend Fit-Crock Puppy Lamb as an early supplementary feeding and subsequently as a complete feed. It is moistened with water at the beginning of the puppy feeding, crushed, and fed as a mash.
Please consider the feeding recommendation only as a guideline for a balanced, needs-based diet for your puppies. These figures have been calculated according to the latest scientific knowledge, but it is essential to adapt them to the individual needs of your puppies. Because one single figure cannot possibly do justice to all individual differences and conditions such as breed, age and size of the puppies, exercise performance, environmental influences (weather, summer, winter), etc.
EMERGENCY SET: 90 g. In order to be prepared for emergencies, we recommend that owners of gestating bitches always have cdVet Puppy Milk and singulares Colostrum in stock!
You can find more tips on feeding here: www.cdvet.eu/Download/Welpenmilch_Fütterungsempfehlung.pdf
Composition: whole-milk powder, colostrum, milk protein, sodium chloride, locust bean gum
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 29.42%, crude fat 22.62%, crude fiber 0.01%, ash 6.27%
Feeding recommendation: mix 1 part Puppy Milk with 3 parts hot, no longer boiling water and allow to cool to feeding temperature. Feeding amount: approx. 15-25 ml per 100 g puppy weight per day. The daily amount is divided into 6-10 rations in the first week, later decreasing to 4 feedings per day. Feeding amount may vary by breed and nutritional condition of the puppy.
Contains high-quality colostrum!
Stage of life: Junior
Nutritional profile: Breeding
Product type: Supplement Feed
Product form: Powder
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