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Rumen Starter

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Overview of product benefits

  • Zur ernährungsbedingten Unterstützung der Pansenaktivität
  • Zur Anregung der Futteraufnahme- und verwertung rund um die Kalbung
  • Reduzierung ernährungsbedingter Ursachen von Labmagenverlagerungen
  • Förderung der Grundfutterleistung bei Futterumstellungen
  • Fermentierter Pflanzenzauszug aus Wild- und Gewürzkräutern nach spezieller cdVet Rezeptur


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PREMIXTURE of flavouring and appetizing additives for ruminants   For... more
Product information "Rumen Starter"
PREMIXTURE of flavouring and appetizing additives for ruminants
For nutritional support of rumen activity
Rumen activity is the basis for optimal feed intake and utilization for ruminants. Especially in high performance cows, feed intake and utilization may be compromised around birth. Therefore even with slight signs of rumen problems, it is advisable to use Rumen Starter to promote rumen activity due to diet. In the initial lactation, an appropriate feeding can secure and increase the basic feed performance.
Rumen Starter, a fermented plant extract from wild and spice herbs according to a special cdVet recipe, supports intensively the activity of rumen and thus the feed intake of ruminants.
  • In case of a lack of feed intake in ruminants
  • Stimulation of feed intake during or after indigestion
  • Promotion of the appetite around birth
  • Reduction of dietary causes of abomasal displacements
Composition: Flavorings, whose addition to feeds improves their smell or palatability: 20000 mg per kg.  Carrier: drinking water, humidity 95%
Instructions for use: Before and after calving 250-500 ml per animal/day for 6-10 days (drenching in a 4:1 ratio with water or in a bucket with warm water)
Protect from frost and heat!
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