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Singulares Bio-Black Cumin Sticks

Singulares Bio-Black Cumin Sticks
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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Einzelfuttermittel für Tiere aus 100% reinem Bio-Schwarzkümmelmehl gepresst zu praktischen Futtersticks
  • 100% BIO-Qualität aus eigener Herstellung aus Premium-Saat Nigella Sativa, aus original ägyptischem BIO-Anbau
  • Für die individuelle Zusammenstellung des Speiseplans Ihres Tieres
  • Hoher Restölgehalt von bis zu ca. 17% aufgrund des besonderen cdVet Kaltpressverfahrens
  • Kann fütterungsbedingt durch die enthaltenen ätherischen Öle die Atemwegskondition unterstützen


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Feed material for horses and dogs   Feeding support for respiratory tract... more
Product information "Singulares Bio-Black Cumin Sticks"
Feed material for horses and dogs
Feeding support for respiratory tract condition
Bio Black Cumin sticks can contribute to a positive change in the gastrointestinal tract through feeding.
This milieu change takes bacteria and fungi the food basis and can make their settlement in the gastrointestinal tract more difficult, the physiological intestinal flora is strengthened.
These positive feeding properties of the sticks are based on the carvone contained in the essential oil. Through the excellent properties of the residual oil and the contained roughage, the natural intestinal flora can be additionally supported. A good intestinal flora can contribute to self-regulation when the immune system is disturbed.
In addition, the oils contained can nutritionally support the respiratory condition.
- Fresh black cumin sticks from own organic production
- From premium seeds (Nigella Sativa), original Egyptian organic cultivation
- Very high residual oil content 16 - 17% due to the special cdVet cold pressing process
- Due to this cdVet cold pressing, organic black cumin oil is gently extracted from the seeds and the valuable press cake is produced
- Free of preservatives or other additives
- High proportion of unsaturated fatty acids
- The sticks contain, of course, all the active ingredients, which are also found in the black cumin oil
- Feeding-related support of the respiratory condition
Composition: 100% Bio black cumin press cake
Eco control center DE-ECO-001 non-EU agriculture
Analytical constituents and Levels: Crude protein 32.0%, crude fat 17.3%, crude fiber 7.1%
Feeding recommendation: Horses 50 - 150g per day / Dogs 3 - 8g per day
Together with the usual food or as a treat.
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