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Singulares Colostrum pure

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Overview of product benefits

  • Einzelfuttermittel für Tiere aus 100% reinem Kolostrum
  • Auch bekannt unter den Namen "Erstmilch", "Vormilch", "Biestmilch" oder "Kolostralmilch", zeichnet sich Kolostrum durch seinen hohen Gehalt an wertvollen Nähstoffen aus
  • Für die individuelle Zusammenstellung des Speiseplans Ihres Tieres
  • Einzigartig reich an Mineralien, Vitaminen, Spurenelementen und Aminosäuren
  • Als Ergänzungsmilch zur Muttermilch oder als konzentrierte Ersatznahrung bei Rekonvaleszenz oder schlechter Futteraufnahme


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Feed material     For the nutritional-related strengthening of the... more
Product information "Singulares Colostrum pure"
Feed material
For the nutritional-related strengthening of the immune system and organism - immunoglobulins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
Colostrum, also called foremilk or beestings mild, is one of the oldest and most extraordinary foods found in nature. Colostrum is unique - in addition to vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential and non-essential amino acids, colostrum provides natural immune and growth factors in a unique variety and concentration not found in any other plant or chemical product!
Singulares Colostrum pure is particularly gently dried. We have deliberately chosen bovine colostrum because cows have relatively high surplus quantities during the first milkings (in contrast to sheep and goats), so that sufficient colostrum is also available for the calf.
Singulares Colostrum pure has proven itself:
  • for the natural strengthening of the entire immune system
  • concentrated nutrient cocktail to strengthen malnourished, weak animals
  • to strengthen mother animals, before and after birth
  • as a complement to maternal milk
  • to strengthen the vital functions of older and young animals
Expert Tip: For orphaned puppies and kittens we recommend cdVet Puppy Milk and feliTATZ Kitten Milk, respectively, as a replacement milk.
What amount of colostrum should be fed?
The condition of the newborn is decisive for the feeding quantity. If the young animal is not getting enough, it signals this by restlessness and/or audible crying. Then check whether the solution has not been diluted too much. If the young animal reacts with digestive disorders, the concentration will be reduced.
Composition: 100% bovine colostrum
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 45%
Feeding recommendation for adult/young animals: Dog/cat: 1 g/10 kg body weight per day. Horse/pony/donkey: 5 g/100 kg body weight per day. Pigeon: 2 g/kg feed or 2 g/L drinking water. 1 heaped tsp. corresponds to approx. 4 g.
Feeding recommendation in case of loss of the dam: Mix colostrum with 50°C warm water without lumps, or shake well in a bottle, feed at body temperature (37°C). Puppy/kitten: mix 10 g with 30 ml water. Lamb/cria/piglet: mix 75 g with 225 ml water, feed the finished mixture within 5 hours. Foal: mix 300 g with 900 ml water. The amount of liquid should be 3-5 L in the first 24 hours. 1 heaped tbsp. corresponds to approx. 16 g.
The specified feeding quantities are only guidelines. However, those must be adapted to the individual needs and condition of your young animal. The feeding quantity can be increased for strong young animals. Colostrum should be given as soon as possible after birth (ideally in the first 2 hours), then every 1-2 hours and supplemented with a good replacement milk within 24 hours!
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