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Water-Clean Water-Clean
Premixture of modified organic acids as an additive to drinking water. The synergistic combination of acids in cdVet Water-Clean reduces the nutrient media for pathogens and algae in drinking water and contains only ingredients that are...
Content 20 ml (€17.45 * / 100 ml)
From €3.49 * €6.95 *
PalomaVet GutActive PalomaVet GutActive
Complementary feed for pigeons Liquid complementary feed for special support of intestinal flora Fermented plant extract from wild and spicy herbs according to a special cdVet recipe The natural intestinal flora can be impaired through...
Content 100 ml
From €10.95 *
PalomaVet GutClean PalomaVet GutClean
Liquid complementary feed for pigeons For needs-based supplementary feeding in case of diet-related indigestion and intestinal problems PalomaVet GutClean is a liquid nutritional supplement for problem-oriented support of feed intake in...
Content 100 ml
From €18.95 *
PalomaVet Oregano Drinking Water 50 ml PalomaVet Oregano Drinking Water 50 ml
PREMIXTURE for pigeons Natural digestion promoters stimulate enzyme secretion, digestion is optimized. To increase weight gain and feed conversion PalomaVet Oregano Drinking Water contains the etherous oil of the oregano plant. Oregano...
Content 50 ml (€59.90 * / 100 ml)
€29.95 *
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