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ToxiVet sorb

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Hunde und Katzen zum Nährstoffausgleich bei ernährungsbedingtem Durchfall
  • Enthält präbiotische Hefe und natürlichen Bentonit-Montmorillonit
  • Mit Nährstoffen, die dazu beitragen können, die Schutzbarriere des Darms zu stärken und Toxine zu binden
  • 100% Naturprodukt - Ohne Füllstoffe, ohne Geschmacksverstärker und ohne synthetische Zusatzstoffe
  • Qualitätsprodukt nach bewährter cdVet- Rezeptur von Tierheilpraktikern, Tierärzten und Tierbesitzern entwickelt


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Complementary feed for dogs and cats   For feeding, based on needs, of dogs and... more
Product information "ToxiVet sorb"
Complementary feed for dogs and cats
For feeding, based on needs, of dogs and cats being digestive sensitive
Adsorption of toxins in the gut - with prebiotic yeast, powder
ToxiVet sorb contains highly efficient ingredients that can contribute to adsorbing toxins and at the same time to reliefe the liver. The intestine is being supported to adsorb toxins and subsequently to excrete them. This way, it is made difficult for harmful substances to penetrate into the organism. ToxiVet sorb is rich in natural B vitamins, trace elements and essential amino acids. The protective barrier of the intestine, containing mucus, as well as the non-specific immune system is being supported by mannan oligosaccharides (MOS).
Diarrhea caused by nutrition can be supported by ToxiVet sorb, also in combination with GutActive.
Composition: brewer's yeast, mercury root, raspberry leaves
Additives per kg: technological additives: Bentonite 1m558i 350 g
The total amount of bentonite must not exceed the permitted maximum level in complete feedingstuff of 20000 mg/kg of complete feedingstuff.
Analytical constituents and levels: crude protein 13.7%, crude fat 4.4%, crude fibre 7.1%, crude ash 34.5%, calcium 0.79%, phosphorus 0.28%, sodium 0.15%, ash insoluble in HCl 30.0%
Feeding recommendation (powder): if necessary daily: cats, small dogs (5-10 kg) 0.5 m.sp., medium-sized dogs (10-25 kg) 1 m.sp., large dogs (25-50 kg) 2 m.sp., very large dogs (over 50 kg) 3 m.sp. 1 m.sp. (measuring spoon) corresponds to approx. 1 g.
Feeding recommendation (capsules): if necessary daily: cats, small dogs (5-10 kg) 2 capsules, medium-sized dogs (10-25 kg) 4 capsules. 1 capsule corresponds to approx. 0.25 g.
The simultaneous oral use with macrolides shall be avoided.
Stage of life: Adult, Junior, Senior
Special needs: Intestine, Liver, Metabolism, Toxin Binding
Product type: Supplement Feed
Product form: Powder
Nutritional profile: Leisure, No additives, Vegetarian
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