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TurboBronchial Liquid

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Zur ernährungsbedingten Unterstützung der Atemwegskondition bei atemwegsempfindlichen Tierbeständen
  • FIBL gelisted - in BIO-Betrieben einsetzbar. Optimal für Selbstmischer, im Nuckeleimer und Futtermischbetriebe!
  • Kann über die gesamte Mastperiode eingesetzt werden
  • Keine Wartezeiten!
  • Unterstützt die Anregung der Futteraufnahme- und verwertung


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Complementary feed for pigs, cattle, poultry and horses   Stimulation of feed intake... more
Product information "TurboBronchial Liquid"
Complementary feed for pigs, cattle, poultry and horses
Stimulation of feed intake in respiratory-sensitive stands - ideal for self-mixers, feed mixers and organic farms
In the area of ​​respiratory tract infections, most of the farms have the largest reserves. An optimum respiratory tract condition and thus optimized breathing have a positive influence on the feed utilization and intake. In the case of an optimal respiratory tract condition, the susceptibility to respiratory affections is low.
In nature, the animal would absorb essential oils over the fresh plants. This is hardly guaranteed in the stable keeping of calves and pigs. Active substances contained in essential oils are particularly important for the condition of the respiratory tract, but also for digestion. In particular, the cleaning of the respiratory tracts is particularly important with regard to the high levels of germs and dust in the stables. For many companies, TurboBronchial Liquid is a matter of course in performance assurance. It can be used over the entire mast period.
Composition: Organic sunflower oil, organic evening primrose oil
Eco Control Center DE-ECO-001 EU / non EU Agriculture
Analytical constituents and contents: Crude protein 0.5%, crude fat 65.0%, crude fiber 0.5%, crude ash 0.2%, sodium 0.01%, lysine 0.00%, methionine 0.00%
Feeding recommendation: Pigs: at the beginning 300ml per ton of feed. Calves/Cattle: 300ml per ton of feed, calves: 100 - 140ml per 1000l milk or 1 - 2ml daily per calf. Poultry: 200ml per ton of feed - with dosing pump for daily fresh feeding. Horses: 240ml per ton of feed
The feeding amount of TurboBronchial Liquid can be increased as required in special situations such as installation, stress and weather.
May be used in organic production in accordance with regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and (EC) No 889/2008. DE-ECO-001 QS-ID 4048473937771. After opening keep it cool and dark and consume within 6 weeks!
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