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TurboBronchial Powder

TurboBronchial Powder
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Overview of product benefits

  • Zur ernährungsbedingten Unterstützung der Atemwege
  • Kann über die gesamte Mastperiode hinweg eingesetzt werden
  • Enthält rein natürliche Aromastoffe und ätherische Öle, welche die Atemwegsorgane unterstützen
  • Unterstützung und Optimierung der Futteraufnahme und -verwertung
  • Einfache Anwendung über den Futtermischwagen - Keine Wartezeiten!


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PREMIXTURE for calves and pigs   For nutritional support of the respiratory... more
Product information "TurboBronchial Powder"
PREMIXTURE for calves and pigs
For nutritional support of the respiratory condition and stimulation of feed intake.
At most farms the respiratory system holds the biggest performance reserves. An optimal condition of the respiratory system and so an optimized respiration affect the feed conversion and intake positively. An optimized condition of the respiratory system reduces the sensitivity for respiratory affection massively.
In nature the animals would take in the essential oils with fresh plants. In the indoor housing of pigs and calves this need is hardly ensured. Essential oils containing active ingredients are relevant especially for the condition of the respiratory system as well as the digestive system. In particular, the cleaning of the respiratory system is specially important revered of the high germ and dust loading in stables.  TurboBronchial is for many farms a matter of course for performance. It can be used over the whole mast period.
Tailored to different needs of feeding types you will find  TurboBronchial in three variants
TurboBronchial (liquid)
TurboBronchial powder
TurboBronachial Drinking water
Flavourings whose addition to feeds improves their smell or palatability: Mixture of flavouring compounds 100g per kg, vitamins, provitamins and chemical defined agents with similar effect: vitamin C 20.000mg per kg. Carrier: thyme.
Instructions for use:
Calves: about 5g per calf and day mix with the feed or 700g per ton of feed.
Pigs: 500 - 700g per ton of feed
The feeding amount may be increased at special situations such as behousing, stress, weather changes as needed.
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