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VeaVet Liverwort Spray

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Overview of product benefits

  • Unterstützt die hauteigene Abwehr von Hunden, Katzen und Kleintieren gegen Pilze und Bakterien
  • Mit natürlich bewährten Inhaltsstoffen, wie Lebermoos, Zistrose, Ringelblume & Lavendel
  • Kann die Ansiedlung von schädlichen Mikroorganismen und Pilzen auf der Tierhaut erschweren
  • Hautberuhigende Inhaltsstoffe vermindern Juckreiz und pflegen beanspruchte Tierhaut
  • 100 % natürliche Inhaltsstoffe | ohne Tierversuche | hergestellt in Deutschland


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Care product for dogs, cats, rabbits, and rodents   In case of a reduced, skin's... more
Product information "VeaVet Liverwort Spray"
Care product for dogs, cats, rabbits, and rodents
In case of a reduced, skin's own protection against fungi and grass mites
VeaVet Liverwort Spray is a natural fur and skin care product made from liverwort, rockrose, and nourishing oils that support the natural regeneration of stressed skin. The skin is strengthened in its self-regulation by the milieu-improving ingredients. Colonization of microorganisms, fungi, and grass mites on the skin is made more difficult. Soothing ingredients reduce itching and redness of the skin. The skin can again fulfill its protective function as a border organ to the outside world.
A functioning skin flora is always colonized by certain microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. If they are in balance, they ensure that the skin is intact as a border organ to the outside world. Through their metabolic products, they optimize the pH value and make it difficult for pathogenic microorganisms, fungi, and grass mites to colonize. If this important organ is out of balance by internal or external influences, a blemish colonization of the skin flora can occur.
Internal influences:
  • weakened immune system (also depending on the phase of life - very old or young animal)
  • increased sensitivity to grass mites due to genetic predisposition
External influences:
  • Direct contact with infected dogs or cats
  • Contact with care utensils contaminated with fungi, e.g. brushes or combs
  • Ambience (a warm and humid climate can weaken/unfavorablely influence the skin flora)
  • Existing entry wounds can favor colonisation
Measures to reduce external influences:
  • Disinfection of berths (cdDes)
  • Disinfection of the environment (feeding bowls, toys, etc.) (cdDes)
  • Washing and disinfection of blankets
  • Avoid contact with infected animals (quarantine/separation)
  • Light, air, and sun are natural enemies of the skin fungus - ensure sufficient exercise in fresh air
Expert tip: In the event of an increased susceptibility to fungal colonizations, special attention should be paid to feeding and optimal micronutrient supply (HuminoMineral). If the need is not met, skin regeneration, skin stability, and new skin formation are disturbed, and the scin becomes susceptible to parasites. A micronutrient supply adapted to the need and the support with omega-3 fatty acids (Bio Coat & Skin Vital Oil) from high-quality oils are significant for a fast regeneration.
Since an external skin fungus often gives an indication of an infestation with intestinal fungi, an intestinal remediation with simultaneous support of the metabolic organs (liver and kidneys) can make very much sense (https://cdvet.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/shares/EWGT7LwNXVdFnI03Z_ORGEcBhsf_N440Hs3ApsFK4R79ug?e=8pocRT).
Composition: aqua, liverwort, rockrose, savory, emulsifier, organic black cumin oil, marigold, lavender
Application recommendation: spray affected skin areas at least 2 x daily
Contains lavender oil. May produce an allergic reaction.
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