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VeaVet Wound & Care Bath

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Care product for animals   Wellness-/hygiene-bath and body lotion - strongly... more
Product information "VeaVet Wound & Care Bath"
Care product for animals
Wellness-/hygiene-bath and body lotion - strongly odor-binding, skin-soothing, cooling
VeaVet Wound & Care Bath contains the valuable ingredients of chestnut, birch, calendula, and pine. For the skin it is important to care for it in such a way that the nourishment is promoted, supported, and an ambience is created on the skin that is incompatible for fungi and bacteria.
Due to its purely natural composition, VeaVet Wound & Care Bath is not only suitable as a bath additive to support and care for heavily stressed skin, but it can also be used as an odor absorber, e.g. for a wet dog, without burdening the animal. In hot weather, VeaVet Wound & Care Bath can also be used to wash down, cool, and soothe the skin of horses and dogs. Since the product does not contain any toxic active ingredients, licking the coat on the part of the animal is harmless and rinsing is not necessary.
Composition: aqua, horse chestnut-birch leaf-extract, marigold, pine oil, emulsifier
Application recommendation: mix 10 ml VeaVet Wound & Care bath with 1 L water. Bath: initially daily and later as required. Body lotion: spray your pet evenly as required.
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