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inspiration Nature

For more than a decade, our company develops natural products, to make the grade to the high standards of health managementin both modern animal husbandry and feeding, as well as in the home and hobby keeping of Animals.

To that end we offer natural products that support through optimal care, especially with micronutrients, the physiological body functions and metabolic processes and maintain the health.

By using high quality ingredients and gentle processing of our products health is effectively supported by the power of nature, without burdening the organism unnecessary.


We use high quality, natural, non-genetically modified raw materials such as cold-pressed oils, herbs, essential oils and micronutrients from natural sources. We deliberately abstain from the use of synthetic additives and preservatives.


We actively support the animal protection

The happiness and health of your pets is on our commitment in the first place and will continue to be our motivation.




More about animal welfare promotion, see


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